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Computational protein design and experimental protein engineering are needed to accelerate the process of biotherapeutic design. Industrial meetings miss addressing these aspects of the academic labs. To bridge this gap, we initiated the meeting on Protein Design and Engineering and assembled a panel of world-class scientists. MarketsandMarkets is coming up with the Protein Design & Engineering Conference to be held in Frankfurt, Germany on 8th & 9th October 2018. We invite to join us to experience the live case studies and discussions from the experts of industry and institutes across the globe.

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5 Hours of Networking


Time Speaker Name Presentation Title
09:15 Reinhard Sterner Opening Remarks from the Chairman
09:20 Julia Shifman Protein engineering through combined computational and directed evolution approaches
09:50 Reinhard Sterner Ancestral sequence reconstruction is an efficient tool for protein design
10:20 Marco Marenchino Accelerating biotherapeutic development
11:40 Miriam Amiram Evolution of translation machinery for efficient incorporation of synthetic amino acids
12:10 Joana Slusky The Complex Evolution of Outer Membrane Proteins
12:40 Séverine Giltaire The use of in vitro cell based assays to assess the Immunogenicity risk
14:00 Simon Huet Optimization of Nanofitin hits driven by epitope determination
14:30 Stefan Zeilonka Antibody Engineering using Yeast Surface Display
15:00 Fabio Parmeggiani De novo modular protein scaffolds
16:20 Yariv Wine The Molecular Landscape of ADA Following Treatment with Biologics
16:50 Yanay Ofran Predicting and designing interaction between proteins and other molecules
Time Speaker Name Presentation Title
09:00 Thomas N Kelde Opening Remarks from the Chairman
09:10 Mario Lebendiker New analytical tool for protein characterization
09:30 Mathieu Cinier Nanofitin technology with focus on drug conjugate and multi-specifics applications
10:10 Thomas N Kelde A novel biopharmaceutical targeting both lytic and latent cytomegalovirus infection
11:30 Sebastian Grimm Exploring differentiated biological modes of action with rapidly-assembled multispecific DARP
12:00 Arne Skerra Novel Biopharmaceuticals through Protein Design: Anticalins and PASylation
12:30 Katja Arndt Evolutionary approaches to Generate Interfering Peptides (iPEP)
13:00 Giulio Russo Protein localization studies and targeted knockdown call for high specificity standards
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Julia Shifman
Julia Shifman

Associate Professor

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Our Speakers

Julia Shifman
Julia Shifman

Associate Professor

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mathieu Cinier
Mathieu Cinier

Scientific director


Simon Huet
Simon Huet

R&D Project manager


Reinhard Sterner
Reinhard Sterner

Professor of Biochemistry

University of Regenburg,

Yanay Ofran
Yanay Ofran

Professor, Ofran lab , Israel

Stefan Zeilonka
Stefan Zeilonka

Principal Scientist, Merck, Germany

Arne Skerra
Arne Skerra


TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan

Yariv Wine
Yariv Wine

Assistant Professor, Tel Aviv University, Israel

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Protein Design & Engineering Conference will be held at the Dorint Hotels and Resorts

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Frankfurt, Germany

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