Connected Living Outlook 2024

18th April 2024 - 4 PM GMT | 9.30 PM IST






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Charting the Roadmap & Growth Trajectory of the Car as a Connected Living Ecosystem!

By 2035, automotive OEMs can earn up to $1,600 per vehicle annually from digital connected living services offered through the car. The total market for connected living services is estimated to be worth more than $1 trillion by 2035.

The car is emerging as the new smartphone - From being able to communicate with drivers, offering AR based driver assist and autonomous driving systems and automatically managed maintenance systems, to managing energy services, insurance and healthcare through the car’s ecosystem. 6G connectivity, V2X technology, and VR repair and maintenance will change the way customers experience the car.

Over the next decade, OEMs must identify their connectivity and subscription revenue strategy – in-car experience is expected to earn the lion’s share of revenue at 87% with health, energy, and aftermarket developing as formidable segments. However, the key challenge is to strike the right balance between subscription costs and customer willingness to pay.

The Connected Living Outlook tries to answer some of these questions as the niche market takes off.


  • 4:00 – 4:10 PM GMT  :  Opening Keynote by Sarwant Singh (President & Chief Commercial Officer, MarketsandMarkets)

  • 4:10 – 4:25 PM GMT  :  Special Presentation by Shwetha Surender (VP & Head of Automotive, MarketsandMarkets)

  • 4:25 – 5:10 PM GMT  :  Panel Discussion

  • 5:10 – 5:15 PM GMT  :  Closing Address

  1. What are the key revenue streams that could potentially emerge from the connected car?

  2. How should OEMs position their connected living services and what should be the pricing strategy?

  3. How would OEMs be best positioned to leverage the wide stakeholder ecosystem and what are the new data monetization opportunities that are emerging?

  4. What services are OEMs currently offering? How are OEMs expanding their ecosystem?

  5. How will the business model emerge – views on integrated pricing vs. a piecemeal approach?

  6. What are the expected timelines for digital connected car services?


Sarwant Singh

Sarwant Singh

President and Chief Commercial Officer, MarketsandMarkets

Shwetha Surender

Shwetha Surender

Vice President & Head of Automotive, MarketsandMarkets

Praveen Chandrasekar

Praveen Chandrasekar

Vice President - Automotive, MarketsandMarkets