CRO Virtual Panel - Navigating Innovations, Disruptions & Transformative Shifts!

16th April 2024 - 10 AM EST | 7.30 PM IST




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Strategies For Success In The Age Of Innovations, Disruptions & Transformative Shifts!

In an era marked by extraordinary technological leaps and unprecedented innovations, the global business landscape is on the brink of substantial disruption to established workflows, business models, and revenue streams. Recognizing the pivotal role of Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) in steering companies through this transformative wave, MarketsandMarkets proudly introduces the Chief Revenue Officer Virtual Panel – ‘Strategies for Success in the Age of Innovations, Disruptions & Transformative Shifts!’

Against the backdrop of several global transitions, CROs across industries find themselves entrusted with the critical responsibility of designing highly customized strategies which not only address unmapped challenges but also identify nascent markets brimming with growth opportunities. Simultaneously, CROs must transform sales channels to align with the swiftly evolving revenue models of their customers.

This exclusive panel discussion seeks to serve as a portal into the minds of distinguished commercial leaders possessing a wealth of experience in propelling industrial giants to the summit, providing attendees with diverse blueprints for success in sales and marketing and aims to deliver actionable insights for the future!

It’s inspired by the success of similar thought leadership endeavors, spanning podcasts like ‘Disruptions Dialogues’ and CMO Panels focused on perspectives of eminent marketing veterans around themes like the Autonomous Economy, Demand Effectiveness, Sustainability, AI & 5G, Decarbonization, Web3 and ABM amongst others!

The Chief Revenue Officer Virtual Panel by MarketsandMarkets promises an enriching and comprehensive exploration of revenue leadership, bringing together top thought leaders to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving global business landscape!


  1. Strategic Insights for Revenue Growth

  2. CRO's Role in a Subscription-Based Economy

  3. Strategies for Revenue Generation Processes

  4. Growth Leadership in Commercial Teams

  5. Exploring Revenue-Driving Practices

  1. Amidst a continuously evolving cycle of innovation and disruption, how are you anticipating and proactively building resilient teams & strategies which will invariably shape your revenue streams for the future?

  2. Adapting to the changing business models of your customers is crucial. How are you aligning your strategies to ensure your revenue mix evolves alongside the transformations in their business models?

  3. Considering the constant evolution of your customers' revenue models, how are you instilling a future-focused mindset within your sales teams to keep them agile and adaptable?

  4. Enabling your sales organization to construct large strategic deals requires foresight. How are you empowering your teams to identify and pursue opportunities that hold the most futuristic relevance? How do you precisely navigate Foresighting - Is this proficiency more of an art, a science, or a strategic philosophy?

  5. When expanding accounts with existing customers, what criteria or strategies guide your decisions in targeting specific Customer Business Units, ensuring a strategic and impactful approach to account expansion?

  6. As ‘Commercial Officers’, how do you consistently secure deals while crafting enduring sales and commercial strategies that align with the long-term needs of your clients? Furthermore, how do you effectively balance and align teams to prioritize both immediate and long-term objectives?


Melanie Christopher

Melanie Christopher

Chief Growth Officer (Global Growth Markets), Cognizant

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

Chief Commercial Officer, Capita Ireland

Rishi Shankar

Rishi Shankar

VP - Marketing & Enterprise GTM, MarketsandMarkets