14 - 15 July 2020

MarketsandMarkets Digital Event on Big-Omics data analysis for effective diagnostics

Exclusive digital event for Next- Generation sequencing Professionals, Precision medicine individuals, Proteomics experts and solution providers.

The complexity and immense omics data transform work into the big data age of biology and biomedicine. The recent advancement in sequencing technology has contributed to exponentiality in the amount of high-capacity data being generated. Life scientists fall into the flooding of big data from the omics experiment. The data integration is an effective method to solve the complex problem. These omics data hold the key to new research discoveries and are promising to revolutionize healthcare. Yet processing the data is the biggest challenge. Present methods are often too hard to use, and the research takes too long.

MarketsandMarkets Digital Event  on Big-Omics data analysis for effective diagnostics will serve as networking place for professors, researchers and students from all diagnostic fields and provide a worldwide discussion platform for the dissemination of authentic research findings, new concepts and practical learning studies to meet the challenges in the field. Our goal is to combine Diagnostics network researchers, lecturers and scientists and to create a road for energetic exchange of understanding on technical traits, new scientific innovations, and the efficiency of diverse regulatory board.

Key Highlights
  • Importance of proteomics data for effective diagnostics
  • Use of AI and ML for integration of data sets
  • Application of Next -Generation sequencing in clinical diagnostics
  • Multi target Proteomic assays and its importance
  • Phosphoproteomics-what's on the horizon for diagnostics
Who should attend?

CEO, COO, Senior scientist, Research scientist, NGS specialist, NGS scientist, Proteomics specialist, Bioinformatician scientist, Personalized medicine individuals from Pharma/Therapeutics companies

Clinical Genomics scientist, Genomics lead scientist, Microbiologist, biologists, pathologist, General Practitioners, Lab managers, Lab directors, Medical directors, Bioinformatician from NHS and Private Hospitals

Professors, Researchers, Associate professors in Genomics and Proteomics from academia

Why Attend?
  • 100+ experts attending
  • Participate in constructive discussion with leading industry experts and decision-makers from pharmaceutical manufacturers who will tackle the most important issues in Big-Omics data analysis.
  • Best opportunity to showcase your work and research in front of industry leaders.
  • Develop your skills by learning new competencies and technologies