23rd June 2023

MarketsandMarkets Market Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence (MICI) Summit 2023

San Jose, USA

Market intelligence provides a comprehensive perspective of any industry's depth, both economically and philosophically. Organizations cannot afford to scrimp on acquiring market knowledge in today's fast-paced economy. Missing on these advantages can be the difference between success and failure.







Explore new business strategies to gain a competitive edge at MarketsandMarkets Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence Summit -San Jose, scheduled to be held on 23rd June’23.

Join us for a two-day summit to discuss challenges, opportunities to create effective and efficient business practices. Make the most of this in-person mixer to harness the power of genuine connections.
Get Inspired and make an impact.


Key Highlights of the Summit

  • The challenge of keeping market intelligence and competitive intelligence constantly relevant in the backdrop of market discontinuities such as recession, inflation, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical situations, etc.
  • Incorporating real-time market trends and industry developments into your Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence programs to make them more robust and effective.
  • Democratizing Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence from board room to on-ground workforce to enable effective decision-making for every customer facing employee in an organization.
  • What does the role of “Competitive Intelligence” look like within different company departments (i.e., Marketing, Sales, Insights/Analytics, Strategy/Corporate Development)? What are the specific responsibilities, objectives, and metrics to quantify the value addition by Mi-Ci?
  • Integration of big data and AI in Mi-Ci world & incorporating data and algorithms to reduce biasness and guesswork.
  • How can Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence function obtain a seat at the executive or leadership table in your company?

Suitable Attendees

Directors, Vice Presidents, Department Heads, Leaders, Managers specializing in Active Organization-Market Intelligence/Competitive Intelligence/Business Intelligence or, Active business unit working closely with the above groups along with core organizational professionals like :

  • Market Analyst
  • Competitive insights
  • Consumer Insights
  • Market Access
  • Market Research
  • Financial insights analysis
  • Marketing executive
  • Innovation

Why Invest the Time to Attend?

  • Hear from leading industry experts on groundbreaking MICI strategies
  • Network with the best minds in the Market Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence Community
  • Hear from experts on leveraging the power of real-time data for strategic insights


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Sponsor/Exhibit Delegate
Mark Chussil
Mark Chussil
Founder, Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc
Jay Nakagawa
Jay Nakagawa
Director, Competitive Intelligence, Dell Technologies
Pierre Hiller
Pierre Hiller
Senior Director, Global Competitive Intelligence, Veeam Software
Luke Dobrzynski
Luke Dobrzynski
VP, Strategic Planning and Future of Work, Strategic Execution Office (SEO), Cisco
Rehmat Kharal
Rehmat Kharal
Global Vice President GTM Strategic Enablement, Harness
Angela Cirulli
Angela Cirulli
Senior Director of Strategic & Planning Operations - Global Advertising & Emerging Products, Meta
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San Jose, USA
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