24th - 25th March 2022

3rd Annual Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Molecular Diagnostics Conference


The Diagnostics sector has emerged as a prominent game changer in healthcare, because of many technological advancements taking place within the field. As diagnostics is a key for making the treatment decisions, it needs to be quicker, précised, and accurate.

MarketsandMarkets is extremely delighted to announce its 3rd Annual Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Molecular Diagnostics Conference scheduled to be held on 24th-25th March 2022 in London.

The conference is hand crafted to platform new diagnostics insights, holding discussions on trending technologies along with its latest applications, indicating the challenges in diagnostics area covering, diagnostic setting, sample processing, regulations, validations, high technology cost, challenges involved in blood – transfusion technology, what needs to happen to facilitate better healthcare throughout the world, how vaccines work and their side-effects, challenges associated with test kits, issues with accuracy & the results

This event will witness an overwhelming participation of leading healthcare and industry decision makers who are amplifying the future and counted as some of the best minds on the planet

Key Highlights
  • An improved strategy for CRISPR/Cas9 gene knockout
  • Utilizing CRISPR in Drosophila to determine microtubule functionality
  • Prenatal Molecular Diagnostics
  • Molecular Diagnostic Techniques for Medical Viruses
  • Addressing challenges of molecular diagnostics through Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • A systematic approach to novel virus through infectious disease diagnostics • Advances in at-home and point-of-use testing: covid and beyond
  • Portable point-of-care testing systems and increasing global access to care
  • Recent advances in lab-on-a-chip technologies for viral diagnosis
  • Disease wise Diagnostics - Different types of samples with different methods for diagnostics
  • Point of Care Testing and Recommendations for Future Emerging Outbreaks: Advocacy, Education and Clinical Practice
  • Advances in testing and multiplexing
  • Multiplex Blood-Borne Pathogen Detection
  • The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on diagnostic innovation for infectious disease
Who Should Attend?

Professionals in Universities, Hospitals and Diagnostics Companies

  • C-Level
  • Vice Presidents / Presidents
  • Senior Directors/ Directors
  • Global Heads / Heads
  • Managers
  • Postdocs/ Senior Scientists/ Senior Researchers / Professors
  • Molecular Biologists / Molecular Diagnostic Companies
  • Molecular Pathologists/ Molecular Geneticists / Molecular Oncologists
  • Biotechnologists / Bioinformaticians
  • Clinicians /Clinical Chemists
  • Pharmacogenetists / Geneticists /Immunologists
  • Stem cell Developers & Researchers
  • Research Scholars/ Scientists
  • Business Entrepreneurs
Why attend?
  • Learn about innovative devices and procedures for effective diagnostics 
  • Meet global heads of diagnostics from the industry and Academics
  • 120+ POCT professionals attending
  • Access to online presentations on-demand post-summit
  • Case studies presented from leading technology collaborations 
  • Interactive panel discussions
 Soumini Vasan

Soumini Vasan

Laboratory Director

Soumini Vasan

Laboratory Director
 Dr. Jens Ducree

Dr. Jens Ducree

Professor of Microsystems in the School of Physical Sciences,
Dublin City University (DCU)

Dr. Jens Ducree

Professor of Microsystems in the School of Physical Sciences,
Dublin City University (DCU)
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