9th - 10th November 2021

2nd Annual MarketsandMarkets Virtual conference on Single-Cell Analysis

Single-cell analysis is crucial for discovering population heterogeneity, identifying minority sub-populations of interest, and discovering unique properties of individual cells. Microfluidic systems operate on a scale comparable to cell width and are capable of manipulating single cells.

Single-cell sequencing is a new and powerful technique for studying the evolution and variety of most malignancies, as well as the involvement of circulating tumour cells in cancer progression. These techniques have begun to answer critical problems in cancer biology that have been difficult to answer using bulk tumour measurements. The technology and applications of single-cell analysis have advanced dramatically in the last five years.

Recent breakthroughs in single cell technology have offered new possibilities for identifying intra-tumor cell heterogeneity, identifying unusual cell types, and determining the degree of mutation, all of which can help guide diagnoses and therapy options.


Our 2nd Annual MarketsandMarkets Virtual conference on 2nd Annual Single-Cell analysis scheduled to be held on 9th and 10th November goal is to bring together researchers and scientists from top universities and pharmaceutical companies from all over the world to discuss significant innovations and difficulties in single-cell analysis, as well as provide a platform for academic peers to share their experiences and reveal their research articles and reports.

Key Highlights
  • In recent years, Why Single-Cell Analysis has gained popularity.
  • Address the difficulties in isolating Single-Cell
  • Microfluidics and single-cell investigations
  • Technological advancements in the detection of metastatic cancer
  • Single-cell sequencing progress in cancer genetics
  • Prospects for Single-Cell Analysis in the Future
Who Should Attend?
  • Universities

            Designation- Professors, Researchers, Associate professors, Directors

  • Pharma/Therapeutics
Why Attend?
  • Learn about single-cell biology and how it can be utilized.
  • Meet industrial and academic leaders and researchers from across the world. 
  • Post-summit accessibility to on-demand online presentations Case studies from prominent technological collaborations
  • Program aims to address recent scientific difficulties.
  • Interactive panel discussions
  • The Technological-Application based Agenda