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HAIs which are a growing threat to patient safety in the United States and worldwide cause thousands of deaths a year and cost the U.S. healthcare system billions of dollars annually. Where the best treatment for infection is prevention, improvement in processes and scrutinizing what needs to be put in place that best protects the patients, is equally imperative. 

As infection control efforts results in better health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs, working together towards reducing and preventing known and unknown infections and their causes should be the only goal of the healthcare community.

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Erin M. Beck-Breshears
Erin M. Beck-Breshears

Infection Prevention

Saratoga Hospital, New York

John Jay Hawkshead
John Jay Hawkshead

Infection Control Director

Saint Barnabas Medical Center, New York

Jon-Christopher Ecker
Jon-Christopher Ecker

Director of Infection Control

Desert Valley Hospital, California

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Austin, Texas

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