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CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing has provided numerous opportunities to interrogate the functional significance of any given genomic site but one of the major challenges still lies in making the large sized edits of the genome under specific mutations.

Over the years, gene editing has evolved and marked its presence in therapeutics and drug discovery through specific gene targeting and animal modeling based clinical trials.

Having completed two extremely successful editions, 3rd Annual Genome Editing & Engineering Conference taking place on 8th - 9th February 2018 in San Diego, USA once again aims at bringing together the key industry leaders, experts and researchers to address the most recent case studies and research on functional genome screening and precision gene editing to reveal their potential applications.

Post Show Report 2017
Click here to view post-show report of the 2nd Annual Genome Editing & Engineering Conference

This event is co-located with our 3rd Annual BioMarker Conference and 3rd Annual NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conference.

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Academic Delegate$399
Industry Delegate $549
Solution Provider Delegate$1199


Key Highlights

  • In vivo gene delivery
  • Genome wide analysis and interpretation
  • Visualization of genome
  • HDR mediated gene editing
  • TALEN mediated gene knockouts
  • Gene targeting and manipulation
  • RNA nuclease mediated gene editing
  • T-cell adoptive therapy
  • Ethical and regulatory issues
  • Animal modeling based therapeutic applications

For more information on the agenda of the conference, you can write to us at amit.shelke@marketsandmarkets.com

Who Should Attend ?

From Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical companies:

Senior Scientists/ Principal Scientists/ Project Leaders/Heads in:

  • Genome biology
  • Functional genomics
  • Gene/Cell therapy
  • Genome/Genetic Engineering
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Drug discovery
  • Therapeutics
  • Regenerative medicines
  • Translational sciences
  • Immunology
  • Immuno-oncology

From Universities and Research institutes:

Professors/ Assistant Professors/ Researchers/ Scientists/ Principal Scientists in:

  • Genomic/Genetic Engineering
  • Genetics
  • Functional Genomics
  • Genome Biology
  • Gene Editing/ Genome Editing
  • Molecular Biology
  • Bio-molecular Engineering
  • Bio-chemistry
  • Regenerative medicines
  • Stem cell
  • Gene Therapy/Cell Therapy
  • Immunology
  • Immunotherapy


  • Dr. John Feder

    Associate Director, Genome Biology, Bristol-Myers Squibb, NY
  • Dr. Phillippe Duchateau

    Chief Scientific Officer, Cellectis Inc., France
  • Dr. C.B. Gurumurthy

    Director- Mouse Genome Engineering Core Facility, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska
  • Dr. Jacques P. Tremblay

    Full Professor University of Laval, Canada
  • Dr. Shondra Miller

    Director Center of Advanced Genome Engineering, TN
  • Daniel P. Dever

    Instructor Porteus Lab Stanford University Medical Center, CA
  • Dr. Benjamin Kleinstiver

    Instructor Harvard Medical School, MA
  • Dr. Pablo Perez-Pinera

    Assistant Professor University of Illinois, IL
  • Dr. Prasun Mishra

    Founder & CEO Agility Pharmaceuticals, CA
  • Kunitoshi Chiba

    Hockemeyer lab, Dept. of Molecular & Cell Biology University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • Dr. Abraham Scaria

    Vice President, Head of Opthalmology Casebia Therapeutics, MA
  • Ben Haley

    Senior Scientist Genentech, CA
  • Annaleen Vermeulen

    Senior Scientist GE Healthcare Dharmacon Inc., CO
  • Paul Diehl

    Chief Operating Officer, Cellecta Inc. CA, USA
  • Xinxin Wang,

    PhD, Senior Scientist, Immuno-Oncology, Poseida Therapeutics, San Diego, CA.
  • John Burnett

    Assitant Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, City of Hope, CA
  • Matt Southmayd

    Senior Director, Healthcare and Lifesciences MarketsandMarkets, VA
  • Dan Ryan

    Senior R&D Scientist Agilent Technologies, CA
  • Namritha Ravinder

    Senior R&D Manager Thermo Fischer Scientific, CA
  • Cory Sago

    Research Fellow Georgia Tech University, GA
  • Kyle Luttgeharm

    Application Scientist Advanced Analytical Technologies, IO
  • Andrew Hilmer

    Senior Account Manager Applied StemCell, CA
  • Michael Collingwood

    Staff Scientist, Molecular Genetics Integrated DNA Technologies, IA
  • Andre Watson

    Founder-CEO Ligandal, CA
  • David Nelles

    Chief Technology Officer Locana Inc., CA


Gold Sponsor

Agilent TechnologiesAgilent Technologies

Agilent’s Genomics group is committed to providing an innovative suite of products for genetic analysis. Our market-leading CGH microarrays, NGS target enrichment, mutagenesis, and Bioanalyzer & TapeStation products complement an entire portfolio of solutions, including PCR and qPCR instruments and reagents, gene expression microarrays, as well as design and analysis software.

Silver Sponsor
ThermoFisherThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
. is the world leader in serving science, our mission is to enable researchers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.  Through our premier brand –Invitrogen, we offer a wide range of innovative, reliable solutions that are designed to help ensure that the time you invest in your research is efficient, and is rewarded with the reliable results you’re counting on.

Advanced analyticalAdvanced Analytical Technologies, Inc

Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI) is the leading producer of parallel capillary electrophoresis instruments for unmatched nucleic acid analysis. AATI’s products have both commercial and research applications and are designed to advance processes within life sciences industries, notably for CRISPR genome editing workflows.  Through meticulous instrument and kit design, AATI streamlines reagent QC and mutation screening for CRISPR/Cas9 workflows using one powerful instrument




darmacon sponsor for conferenceDharmacon

Dharmacon revolutionized RNA synthesis in 1995 with the introduction of 2’-ACE synthesis chemistry. Dharmacon made key scientific contributions to the RNA interference field and established market leadership with our siRNA platform. Our CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing products include predesigned genome-wide synthetic and lentiviral guide RNA reagents designed by a validated algorithm, Cas9 nucleases, and design tools & kits for homology-directed repair. We have a well-established history of supporting the global genomics research community and dedication to product innovation.

idt dna sponsors for conferenceIntegrated DNA Technologies 

Integrated DNA Technologies
 is the world leader in delivering custom nucleic acid products for the life sciences market in the areas of academic research, medical diagnostics, biotechnology, agriculture, and pharmaceutical development. IDT has developed proprietary technologies for genomics applications such as next generation sequencing, CRISPR genome editing, qPCR, and RNA interference. Through its GMP services, IDT manufactures products used in diagnostic tests for cancer and inherited and infectious diseases.

cellceta sponsors for conferemce Cellecta

Cellecta is a leading provider of genomic products and services. Our functional genomics portfolio includes gene knockout and knockdown screening products and services, custom and genome-wide CRISPR and RNAi libraries, construct services, cell engineering services, next-generation sequencing (NGS) kits and targeted expression profiling products and services. We can help your discovery efforts

 New England Biolabs

For over 40 years, New England Biolabs, Inc. has led the industry in the supply of molecular biology reagents. In addition to products for genomics, NEB continues to expand its offering into areas related to PCR and qPCR, gene expression, sample preparation for next gen sequencing, synthetic biology, glycobiology, genome editing, epigenetics and RNA analysis.


Aldevron serves the biotechnology industry with custom production of nucleic acids, proteins and antibodies. Thousands of clients use Aldevron-produced plasmids, RNA and gene editing enzymes for programs from research to clinical trials to commercial applications. Aldevron’s Cas9 nuclease is available as an off-the-shelf product at research grade, GMP-SourceTM and GMP quality levels, eliminating months typically associated with contract production. Aldevron also custom manufactures enzymes, including Cas9 and other nucleases, to stringent specifications. Company headquarters are in Fargo, N.D., with additional facilities in Madison, Wisc., and Freiburg, Germany



Synthego is a leading provider of genome engineering solutions. Our flagship product, CRISPRevolution, is a portfolio of syntheticguide RNA designed for CRISPR genome editing and research. Synthego’s vision is to bring precision and automation to genome engineering, enabling rapid and cost-effective research with consistent results for every scientist.



 ATUM (formerly DNA2.0) offers an integrated pipeline of solutions including gene design, optimization and synthesis, technology platforms for protein and strain engineering, mammalian protein production and cell line development. ATUM explores novel applications of modern machine learning in combination with industrial scale gene synthesis for mega dimensional optimization of biological systems transforming biology from a discovery science to an engineering discipline.
The tools and technologies developed by ATUM are directly applicable to the pharmaceutical industry, agrochemical industry, diagnostics, food industry, and R&D throughout the life sciences. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Newark, Calif.

Applied stem cell

Applied StemCell

Applied StemCell is a fast-growing biotechnology/CRO company headquartered in Milpitas, California. Our goal is to advance gene-editing and stem cell innovation for biomedical research and the biotechnology industry. Using our TARGATT™ technology, a gene-of-interest can be specifically inserted at a well-characterized, transcriptionally active locus in the genome with guaranteed transgene expression. ISO9001 certified.

  • Establishing disease-specific isogenic models, custom cell line model generation with CRISPR/Cas9
  • Developing master cell lines for antibody/protein production
  • Generating iPSCs from patients containing the corrected mutations or inserted genes for pre-clinical applications
  • Providing compound screening/toxicology testing service with iPSCs/NSCs
  • Generating animal models (mouse/rat models) - AAALAC certified facility


Ligandal is a venture-backed therapeutics company developing innovative non-viral delivery solutions for genome engineering and gene delivery. The company was formed to solve the “delivery problem” with its ligand-based cell targeting platform, enabling new frontiers for curative genetic therapies and tools such as CRISPR-Cas9.

MarketsandMarkets provides a variety of direct and indirect marketing and networking opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors. 


All refreshment breaks and lunches take place in the main exhibition ensuring that exhibitors enjoy maximum time to meet and network with senior level attendees. 

Speaking and Workshop Opportunities

  • 15 minute small company showcase presentations.
  • 30 minute presentations on the main conference programme.
  • 25 minute satellite symposiums.
  • 60 minute presentation/workshop on the main conference programme.

Please enquire for pre and post events workshop options. 

Pre-arranged One-on-One Meetings

Prearranged one-on-one meetings ensure that you have personal time with your choice of delegates. Twenty-minute meetings take place during refreshment breaks. Full delegate profiles are provided prior to the conference to ensure that onsite, you meet with relevant delegates who are truly interested in your products and services. Meetings can take place on your exhibition or in your own private meeting area. 

Pre-event Support

MnM Conferences provide full service pre-event marketing and branding support. Opportunities available include: 

  • Your logo and company description on the event website.
  • Your logo on all marketing materials as a sponsor.
  • Pre-event email shots to attending delegates to increase your onsite exposure.
  • Articles about your products and services in our monthly event newsletter.

For sponsorship opportunities please contact us at events@marketsandmarkets.com



BioUtah is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(6) trade association serving Utah's life science industry. Our primary members include organizations focused on research and development, manufacturing and commercialization or provide supportive services to life science technologies and treatments.
Utah’s life science industry consists of a diverse spectrum with strengths in medical device manufacturing and services, research and testing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare IT amongst others; and is a key driver of Utah’s economy.

 California Life Sciences Association (CLSA)

California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) is the leading voice for California’s life sciences sector. We work closely with industry, government, academia and other stakeholders to shape public policy, drive business solutions and grow California’s life sciences innovation ecosystem. CLSA serves over 750 biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics companies, research universities and institutes, investors and service providers. CLSA was founded in 2015 when the Bay Area Bioscience Association (BayBio) and the California Healthcare Institute (CHI) merged to create the state’s most influential life sciences advocacy and business leadership organization.

Colorado BioScience Association

Colorado BioScience Association
 champions life science. The not-for-profit organization represents more than 350 member organizations and serves as the hub of Colorado’s thriving bioscience sector by connecting innovators to funding, infrastructure, research and talent. CBSA grows the bioscience workforce and leads business expansion policies to advance the industry in our state.
 Georgia Bio

Georgia Bio (www.gabio.org) is the private, non-profit association whose members include pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, medical centers, universities and research institutes, government groups and other business organizations involved in the development of life sciences related products and services.

To support 3rd Annual Genome Editing & Engineering Conference, please contact Amit at amit.shelke@marketsandmarkets.com


3rd Annual Genome Editing & Engineering Conference will be held at the Double Tree by Hilton San Diego Mission Valley in San Diego, CA 

Double Tree by Hilton San Diego Mission Valley
7450 Hazard Center Drive
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About the Hotel

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Diego - Mission Valley puts you in the center of San Diego. The adjacent trolley stop offers a ride to the city’s top attractions including SDCCU Stadium (formerly known as Qualcomm Stadium), San Diego Zoo, Old Town, Little Italy and Gaslamp Quarter. A pedestrian bridge links our hotel to Hazard Center’s eclectic mix of shops and restaurants and we are within walking distance to San Diego’s famed Fashion Valley Mall.

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