Liliana Caimacan talks about ‘Building strong brands through Purpose’ at the MarketsandMarkets MarTech Innovation & Leadership Summit

An experienced, international business leader, Liliana has been leading transformational growth across brands and portfolios to drive step changes in business results for over 20 years. She is a leading expert on innovation, communication and business strategy within the FMCG and luxury industries, working with top blue-chip companies: Unilever, Tata, on world-class brands and portfolios. Her sector experience covers Consumer Goods, Personal Care, Home Care, Foods, Refreshments, and Luxury, as well as driving disruptive innovations projects. She holds a Master’s in Marketing & Communications and an Executive MBA.

With extensive marketing and leadership experience gained across multi-category, multi-brand, and multi-cultures, Liliana has a track record of shaping and unlocking opportunities, accelerating and leading incredible business growth with her trademark energy, drive and possibility mind-set. She is passionate about inspiring possibilities: growth for people and business.

In a recent interview with MarketsandMarkets, Mrs. Liliana Caimacan shared her thoughts on how Martech will be the next trendsetting industry in the next 5 – 10 years, the evolving role of the Leadership in disruptive industries and the need to focus on so many digital marketing strategies.

Question: How does the evolving role of the Leadership adapt to the challenges of fast-paced, disruptive and data-rich industry?

Liliana Caimacan: The leadership, as well as the structure in a company nowadays, need to become more agile, lean and fast-paced to be able to adapt to the new and fast-changing environment, take fast decisions to be able to satisfy consumer needs in the best possible way. We are moving away from the traditional business structure and moving more towards one able to change and adapt in line with the business needs. WE see more and more companies using the ‘squad’ type of structure which allows a higher level of focus and agility to deliver projects in a shorter period of time and also use the resources in the most effective way.

Question: Why is there a need to focus on so many digital marketing strategies?

Liliana Caimacan: Having access to a higher amount of data is easier to better target consumers and deliver them personalized products and services, but at the same time the challenge remains on what kind of data we use and how best to interpret them to get the best insights. In this context, a company needs to develop a wider range of digital marketing strategies able to deliver the best engagement rate for each specific target group’s passion points and needs.

Question: What are the key deliverables of your talk?

Liliana Caimacan: Help the audience understand how important is to build strong brands through Purpose. How important is for brands to be authentic and relevant for consumers, be close to them and have an impact on society, people’s life or environment.

My talk will try to answer the following questions:

• What means to build meaningful and purposeful brands

 • How brands drive growth throw purpose

 • Dos and don’ts when building brands with purpose

 • Risks of losing credibility and appealing if not relevant, honest and authentic

Question: Where and how do you see “MarTech” evolving in your industry 5-10 years down the line? How is it the next trend-setter?

Liliana Caimacan: I strongly believe the MarTech t will have a strong impact in the further development of marketing as is bringing together the marketing and brands world and the tech world, aiming to identify solutions to support business growth, deliver consumer-centric solutions to a wide range of problems or needs. Trust it will become a new way of doing marketing. The next trend I believe is personalization and going back to human interaction in a creative way.

Mrs Liliana Caimacan is one of the speakers of the MarketsandMarkets MarTech Innovation & Leadership Summit being held on 26 – 27 March 2020 at the Business Design Centre – 52 Upper St, The Angel, London, United Kingdom. She will be presenting on Day 1 of the summit on the topic – ‘Building strong brands through Purpose: One of the valuable intangible assets and one of the biggest risk’. Know more about her presentation visit our website –

If you wish to learn a great deal from her about the Martech Industry, then register online or email [email protected] to book your slot at the conference.

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