Florian Bonnet talks about ‘Behavioral Personalization’ at the MarketsandMarkets MarTech Innovation & Leadership Summit

London, January 10 – Florian Bonnet is a Head of Product at Zizoo, named one of Forbes’ top ‘Travel Tech Startups Taking Europe by Storm’. Zizoo is bringing boat holidays to the mass market, offering over 23,000 boat experience products across 500+ destinations worldwide. In his position, he is responsible for all the Digital Product and Data activities. Prior to that, he held several positions at HelloFresh, the leading meal kit company and global provider of fresh food at home, where he led the Conversion Tribe as a Sr. Director of Product and the Global CRM Team. Florian has a PhD in theoretical physics and practiced research for 6 years across Europe before joining the Paris office of The Boston Consulting Group as a strategy consultant, and then joining Jumia, Africa’s No.1 Online Shopping Mall and 1st technology unicorn as Lead Customer Intelligence & Data Science

In a recent interview with MarketsandMarkets, Mr. Bonnet shared his thoughts on the evolving role of the Leadership in disruptive industries, new digital marketing strategies and how Martech will be the next trendsetting industry in the next 5 – 10 years.

Question: How does the evolving role of the Leadership adapt to the challenges of fast-paced, disruptive and data-rich industry?

Florian Bonnet: Leaders should build a network for themselves but also encourage their team to do so in order to connect to the ecosystem of their industry, and beyond, to stay ahead of new trends. A Leader thus need to prepare her/his team to identify, welcome and integrate innovation and changes at a fast pace, and most of all the Leader should more than ever let go and delegate as an individual is not able to drive such process alone.

Question: Why is there a need to focus on so many digital marketing strategies?

Florian Bonnet: They say “right place, right time, right content” is more than ever true. But on one hand, the democratization of data leads us to be able to target each dimension to a granularity level never unprecedented; while on the other hand competition is more than ever fierce and exploring these dimensions at the lowest granularity is the only way to become relevant for our users by standing out with the minimum of touchpoints.

Question: What are the key deliverables of your talk?

Florian Bonnet: Personalization means adapting the content to the forecasted reaction of a user. A common practice is to use data to de-average our actions based on measured reaction. However, this reaction is driven by a lot of hidden biases and heuristics that go against the intuition of marketers or product managers and is hard to identify with usual experiments. This leads to miss successes and false understanding of what drives user’s behavior. I will cover examples of how behavioral science can help marketers and product managers deliver a better user experience to drive customer satisfaction.

Question: Where and how do you see “MarTech” evolving in your industry 5-10 years down the line? How is it the next trend-setter?

Florian Bonnet: On one hand, the inter-connectivity of all tools available in the MarTech landscape will be crucial not only for Marketers but for SaaS companies to be able to generate revenues. With the specialization of tasks, big aggregators like SalesFroce will have a harder time to buy capabilities and integrate them properly. Companies will thus use more and more tools to achieve their strategies while wanting to get all their data to flow across different tools. Allowing this to happen will be a make or break for many SaaS companies.

On the other hand, we barely scratched the impact of AI but I guess BrandTech is next in line: how to develop and refine your brand elements for each user across all different media and supports. Pictures, copy, videos will become more and more personalized (I bet in the next 2 years we will have regularly video ads calling your name), and one asset will be tuned via AI to fit the best different supports and audiences on the fly.

Mr. Florian Bonnet is one of the speakers of the MarketsandMarkets MarTech Innovation & Leadership Summit being held on 26 – 27 March 2020 in London – UK. He will be presenting on Day 1 of the summit on the topic – ‘Behavioral Personalization’. Know more about his presentation visit our website – https://bit.ly/2NbsjLt

If you wish to learn a great deal from her about the Martech Industry, then register online or email [email protected] to book your slot at the conference.

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