Discussing the Top 10 Opportunities in Robotics at the MarketsandMarkets Robotics CRYSTAL BALL EVENT!

February 24th  MarketsandMarkets Robotics CRYSTAL BALL EVENT on the March 9, 2021 will host industry giants Softbank Robotics America, 6 River SystemsFetch Robotics and Denso to present their thoughts on the Top 10 Opportunities in Robotics in the next 5 year! 

The MarketsandMarkets Robotics CRYSTAL BALL EVENT will gather 100+ professionals from industry giants such as Innoviz Technologies, Travelport, GM Modular Pvt. Ltd, Venture Talent Solutions, Unipac, Movandi Corp, Sirius Unbound, Shindengen America, Inc., Konica Minolta Business Solutions, Raymond James, University of Waterloo, National Grid, Polyexplore, Owl Cyber Defense, Polpharma, Advantech, New Normal Digital Inc., AiGraphics, Persistent, Microchip, Amazon.com, Cabrzill Pvt Ltd, Invesco, Freepoint, Gen II Fund Services, LLC, Uchimura Robotics LLC, SpotOn, Akzonobel, Owens Design, B2Holding ASA, etc. 

A host of attractive, high growth opportunities such as Smart Factory, Precision Agriculture, Last Mile Delivery, Warehouse Automation, Cooperative & Network Robotics, Entertainment Robotics, Robotics in industrial monitoring, IOT/Industry 4.0, A.I in Robotics, Cloud Robotics, Connected Autonomous Systems, Enterprise Robotic Automation, COBOTS, Biorobotics, Exoskeletons, Biped and Humanoids, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Advanced Vision Systems, Implantable sensors are fuelling the industrial and services robot market to grow at over `18% to be a $176 billion market in 2025! 

This event will comprise of 90 minutes of brainstorming among 4 great minds which will aim at bringing out a tangible action plan by discussing the question given below: 

  • Which technologies do you see as a game changer for robots to penetrate from low variable industry like automotive to high variable such as food, pharmaceutical and clothing? How transformative will be this expansion? 
  • Traditional robots still work on mechanical components such as gears, motors & actuators that are prone to breakdown due to rigid large moving parts. Do you think “Soft Robotics” be an alternative, if yes how big is the opportunity? 
  • Robotics sector is highly competitive and traditionally being very slow in bringing solutions to the market. Can you list out some factors that will accelerate time-to-market? 
  • Robots still use age old power sources such as lithium-ion & nickel-metal hydride, however, these are unsafe and deplete very quickly? What other alternatives can we look into to overcome this problem? 
  • As we see many companies migrating to cloud robotics and robotics as a service models, do you think this model would sustain as issues pertaining to data ownership, data theft are cropping up 
  • As the pandemic subsides do you see continued growth in the cleaning robot space, especially in sectors such as Hospitals and medical facilities or do we see any challenges in mass deployment. 

Confirmed Speakers for the event! 

  • Kass Dawson, VP, Brand Strategy & Communications, Softbank Robotics America 
  • Christopher Cacioppo, CTO & Co-Founder, 6 River Systems 
  • Stefan Nusser, Chief Product Officer, Fetch Robotics
  • Dave Robers, VP of Sales, Americas-Robotics Division, Denso 

The event overview, registration details and complete speaker list are available on the official website. The registration for this event is FREE, you can register for the event HERE or you can directly email on [email protected] asking for more details, your queries and provide feedback. 

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Contact Person – Shardul Oza 

Email: [email protected] 

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