Discussing Top 10 Disruptions Through Artificial Intelligence at the MarketsandMarkets Artificial Intelligence CRYSTAL BALL EVENT!

February 26th – MarketsandMarkets Artificial Intelligence CRYSTAL BALL EVENT on the March 10, 2021 will hostindustry giants Google, IBM Global Markets, Avaya International and Intellio to present their thoughts on the Top 10 Disruptions Through Artificial Intelligence in the next 5 year!

The MarketsandMarkets Artificial Intelligence CRYSTAL BALL EVENT will gather 100+ professionals from industry giants such as JUJU Solutions, Retlewski & Associates, Oracle, Harman South America, Microsoft, Arus, 3Insy,s VFS Ventures, c/o Architecture Technology Corp., ABB, Travelport, Coca-Cola European Partners, Polyexplore, RGA, Polpharma, Ricoh, SAS, vettd.ai, Advantech, Drexel, Persistent, e-redes (previous EDP Distribuição), BayerAG, Microchip, ProC ,Invesco, Freepoint, BMW, Gen II Fund Services, LLC, Bank of America, intufo, B2Holding ASA, BLACKNBLUE MARKETS

Increase in amount of big data, increased adoption of cloud-based applications and services, increase in demand for virtual assistants, computer vision systems and predictive analytics improving manufacturing operations to self-learning algorithms that help us make better decisions, the AI/ML algorithms will continue to evolve and provide a host of attractive, high growth opportunities that are fuelling The Artificial Intelligence market to grow at over `36% to be a $190 Bn market in 2025!

This event will comprise of 90 minutes of brainstorming among 4 great minds which will aim at bringing out a tangible action plan by discussing the question given below:

  • What are the top 10 revenue growth opportunities for artificial intelligence ecosystem participants over the next 5 years? Which markets, technologies, customer segments are the most attractive to place bets?
  • Which technologies/approaches are likely to result in reduction in downtime and maintenance, improve on supply chain visibility, and keeping productivity at optimum level in manufacturing units?
  • How will AI tools and technology assist radiologists in order to account for the exponential growth in medical data, e.g., the increase of CT and MRI examinations with low increase of radiologists? / How can AI help solve the dilemma of access, affordability, and effectiveness in healthcare to improve patient outcomes?
  • How big a role does current & hybrid AI-Approaches, such as self-supervised & behavioral learning, play in self-driving car technologies? To what extent has the automotive industry achieved a sufficient level of perception & prediction accuracy in sensor suites to enable operational safety for hard-to-predict road actors and in adverse weather such as very heavy rain, falling snow and fog?
  • AI promises to make data-driven processes more intelligent. Which retail segment do you foresee experiencing the biggest impact? What does the ‘store of the future’ or ‘the intelligent store’ mean to you?

Confirmed Speakers for the event!

  • Sumit Gupta, Sr. Director, ML Infrastructure, Google
  • Al A. Hamid, Chief Technology Officer, IBM Global Markets
  • George Pell, Principal & Chief Strategy Officer, Intellio
  • Ahmed Helmy, Vice President – CTO, Avaya

The event overview, registration details and complete speaker list are available on the official website. The registration for this event is FREE, you can register for the event HERE oryou can directly email on [email protected] asking for more details, your queries and provide feedback.

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Email: [email protected]

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