Discussing “Laboratory miniaturization hand in hand with Microfabrication and Nanotechnology – systems integration at the microscale “with Dr. Vania Silverio of INESC-MN, Portugal.

Dr. Vania Silverio is a Microfluidics architect with strong background in microengineering. She combines know-how in simulation, design and fabrication of micron-sized fluidic paths with the integration of sensing and actuation elements towards the miniaturization of laboratories.

Dr. Silverio is the Leader of the Microfluidics group at INESC Microsystems and Nanotechnologies (INESC MN) providing modular microfluidic solutions. She is Invited Assistant Professor at the Physics Department of Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), ULisboa where, among others, she is the responsible for the curricular course on Microfluidics, unique in Portugal. She supervises PhD and MSc theses focusing the development of Microfluidics to tackle a wide range of scientific problems and applications from biomedical to aerospace, to pharmaceutical, etc.

She has a Licenciatura in Technological Chemistry (FCUL, ULisboa, 2003). As an Undergraduate Researcher she focused on chemical fluid dynamics and thermodynamics (FCUL 1 year, INETI 1 year). She then targeted microfluidic flow and heat transfer research for 6 years as Research Assistant and during her PhD in Mechanical Engineering (2016, IST). She joined INESC MN in 2016 as a postdoc developing integrated microfluidic platforms for biomedical diagnostics.

We interviewed Dr. Vania Silverio about her thoughts on the growing significance of the Point of care Testing amidst a Global pandemic. The role of POCT in dealing with Infectious diseases, her presentation at the Conference and her take on the conference program.

Question: What is the significance of Point of Care Testing in the time of global pandemic? 

Dr. Silverio:

Point of Care testing enables fast and high quality testing even in low-resource, remote settings. In this sanitary crisis, POCT devices have proven to be essential elements for the testing strategy in several countries, especially in the support of vulnerable patients, to sustain outbreak investigations, and protect frontline healthcare workers. And because POCT may provide very fast results near the patient, it potentiates a prompt and adequate treatment.

Question: How POCT is helping in diagnosis of Infectious Diseases and how it is significant in current situation.

Dr. Silverio:

Rapid, cost-effective and reliable sample-to-result is core to sustain accessible and timely diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. POCT devices are currently being developed and/or used to successfully meet the needs in the current situation, even with technical, scientific and supply limitations.

Question: What are your views on the agenda and how helpful it is to the targeted audience.

Dr. Silverio:

Awareness of the scientific and technological state-of-the-art regarding POCT development and usage is of utmost importance not only for the scientific community, but for all the population. In that sense, the event promoted by MarketsandMarkets for the dissemination of world class strategies on Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Point-Of-Care Testing is very opportune.

Dr. Vania Silverio is one of the speakers at our 2nd Annual MarketsandMarkets Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Point-Of-Care Testing Virtual Conference being held on March 11th -12th, 2021.

She will be presenting on the Day 2 of the conference on the topic – ‘Laboratory miniaturization hand in hand with Microfabrication and Nanotechnology – systems integration at the microscale.’

To Know more about her presentation, visit our website –  https://bit.ly/3gNnkOq

If you wish to learn a great deal from her about the POCT & Infectious diseases field then register online or email [email protected] to book your slot at the conference.

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