Speaker Interview with Francesco Orlandino for the MarketsandMarkets MarTech Innovation & Leadership Summit

Francesco Orlandino is a Digital, eCommerce and Brand Marketing professional with over 10 years in global brands: during this time, he has had the chance of living in 5 different countries across Europe and the Americas. His experience sits mostly within Business-to-Consumer, having worked mostly in Retail, Fashion and FMCG. For 7 years he has been developing my career within Adidas, in Global, regional and local roles within the Digital and eCommerce Function. My expertise spans across several digital-disciplines: Performance Marketing, Consumer Engagement, Digital Planning and Transformation. He is a big believer in the use of data as a founding pillar for strategic (digital) marketing decisions to be taken.

In a recent interview with MarketsandMarkets, Mr. Orlandino shared his thoughts on the evolving role of the Leadership in disruptive industries, new digital marketing strategies and how Martech will be the next trendsetting industry in the next 5 – 10 years.

Question: How does the evolving role of the Leadership adapt to the challenges of fast-paced, disruptive and data-rich industry?

Francesco Orlandino: In such a dynamic environment, Leadership must be receptive to changes; senior management must be willing to continuously learn from anyone, also from more junior members and/or from less established partners. Leaders become facilitators of changes and enablers of positive disruption

Question: Why is there a need to focus on so many digital marketing strategies?

Francesco Orlandino: Marketing is now embedding the digital aspects in every single facet of this science. There should not be anymore a difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, but a comprehensive set of digital tools should be used to reach, connect and engage with customers. For achieving any of these objectives, dedicated digital tactics must be deployed.

Question: What are the key deliverables of your talk?

Francesco Orlandino: I am joining a panel on Digital Marketing in Retail. I would focus on debating some marketing tools such as consumer journey maps that can be used to draft (and execute) an omnichannel consumer journey. I am also interested in discussing digital marketing tactics to generate Retail stores traffic and/or in-store digital tools that can help acquiring consumer data

Question: Where and how do you see “MarTech” evolving in your industry 5-10 years down the line? How is it the next trend-setter?

Francesco Orlandino: There are so many relevant trends to keep monitoring: for each of those trends I expect Martech solutions to being developed and improved. Some of the most relevant trends to me are: conversational commerce, the use of AR to elevate consumer experiences and the development of “cookie-free” attribution models

Mr. Francesco Orlandino is one of the speakers of the MarketsandMarkets MarTech Innovation & Leadership Summit being held on 26 – 27 March 2020 in London – UK. If you wish to learn a great deal from him about the Martech Industry, then register online or email shardu[email protected] to book your slot at the conference.

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