Catch up with Matt Davis’ talk on “Neoantigen Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy in the Clinic” at Advance Genetic Sequencing Virtual Conference 2021

Matt Davis PhD joined Gritstone Oncology (NASDAQ: GRTS) in 2015 and is currently the Director of Molecular Biology and Sequencing responsible for various neo-antigen discovery and translational genomics efforts.  Prior to Gritstone, Dr. Davis conducted post-doctoral research at Warp Drive Bio in the discovery biology group.  He holds a PhD in Genetics from Yale with thesis research under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Schlessinger and previous to his graduate work he conducted cancer genomics research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Broad Institute.

Marketsandmarkets took this opportunity to talk probe Dr. Davis’ thoughts on the newfound developments in the fields of genetic sequencing and the ways this research has been of paramount importance in overcoming the challenges of the pandemic. He also discusses her own learnings in the field, their presentation at the Conference their take on the conference program

Question: What are the recent advances in the genetic sequencing field and current challenges that need immediate attention?

Dr. Davis :

Recent advances in single cell sequencing, cell free / circulating tumor DNA sequencing and the cloud computing infrastructure that allows teams to scale standard and more advanced (like machine learning approaches) analyses for novel genomic discovery.      

Current challenges in various sequencing efforts include sub optimal molecular conversion efficiencies associated with library construction / enrichment protocols.  As sequencing efforts have grown immensely over the years the data available is daunting – cross training students / employees how to communicate across disciplines is imperative

Question: What is the key take away point from your presentation topic which will help in building the knowledge base of attendees? 

Dr. Davis :

  • Utilizing advances in genomic analysis and interpretation for therapeutic development
  • Selection of therapeutically useful neoantigens for immunization
  • Integrating immune monitoring and cell free DNA (cfDNA) to evaluate immunotherapies clinically

Matt Davis is our esteemed speaker Advanced Genetic Sequencing Virtual Conference scheduled to be held on 23-24 September 2021 he will be presenting on the Day 1 of the conference on the topic – ‘Neoantigen Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy in the Clinic’.

To Know more about the presentation, visit our website – If you wish to learn a great deal from his about the practice of sequencing in healthcare domain then register online or email [email protected] to book your slot at the conference.

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