AI – The Future at our Doorstep

Artificial Intelligence has progressively transitioned from a futuristic technology expected to be decades away, to one whose usage & integration into our daily lives is growing by the minute.
From quantum computing to medical diagnostics and the more prevalent trend of autonomous vehicles, AI has well and truly arrived & is here to stay.

With a large stream of information flowing across the endless digital space, any effort to understand the structure, capabilities & potential benefits or disadvantages of AI is a mammoth task for a vast majority of the world.
Scientists & researchers across the globe have openly declared on many an occasion, that we have simply scratched the surface with regards to the development & application of Artificial Intelligence & its future for humanity.

For all the sci-fi films & killer robots that were long associated with the subject, reality is far, far different. Major inroads have been made into various sectors with the AV (Autonomous Vehicle) Industry at the forefront & this shall be one of the key points of discussion during the 3rd Edition MarketsandMarkets Artificial Intelligence Crystal Ball Event

Having a stalwart in Elon Musk & Tesla leading the race only helps to spread the word & over the past 5 years, the AV niche has gone from strength to strength. A few of the major trends that act as a build-up to the discussion during the Virtual Event are:

  • Collection, filtering & structuring of data for AI models.
  • Usage of AI to monitor driver awareness & fatigue.
  • Challenges in self-driving cars handling unpredictable & infrequent road situations.
  • Efficient co-ordination & handover to a human control centre when coming across hazards or scenarios that AI & ML have not been trained to solve, yet.
  • Development and usage of autonomous delivery robots.

Watch this space for further updates & exciting glimpses of the forthcoming Virtual Event.

The 3rd Edition MarketsandMarkets Artificial Intelligence Crystal Ball Event is scheduled for 10AM CEST on the 29th of April 2022. Don’t miss out on the in-depth 90-minute discussion.

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