Speaker Interview with Sebastien Tabruyn for the 4th Annual MarketsandMarkets Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress

Sebastien Tabruyn holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Liege (Belgium). After 10 years of experience as Project leader in renowned international academic research institutes including UCSF (California, USA), the Centre for Cancer Biology (Adelaide, Australia) and the University of Maastricht (Netherlands), he joined TransCure bioServices in 2013 as Head of Molecular Biology and Oncology. Sebastien Tabruyn published 30 peer-reviewed publications in the field of Oncology, Angiogenesis, Inflammation and Immunity

In a recent interview with MarketsandMarkets, Mr. Sebastien Tabruyn shared his thoughts on the current challenges that need immediate attention in the Immuno Oncology Industry, the new opportunities in the field of Imuuno Oncology and the key takeaway point from his presentation at the congress.

Question: What are the recent advances in the immune-oncology and current challenges that need immediate attention?

Sebastien Tabruyn: The biggest challenge today is to predict the efficacy of immunotherapy treatments. Check point inhibitors have been proven to be useful, however how to select the patients that will benefit from the treatment remain difficult. Biomarkers are needed as well as a better understanding of how the human immune system interact with the tumor.

Question: What are the new opportunities emerging in your field of work?

Sebastien Tabruyn: The development of preclinical models dedicated to understand the complex interaction between the full human immune system and the tumor are key to identify biomarkers and to test efficacy of combo-therapies before going to the clinic.

Question: What are the key take away points from your presentation topic which will help in building the knowledge base of attendees? 

Sebastien Tabruyn:  TransCure bioServices has develop models that fully recapitulates the functionality of the human immune system. Rather than having one or two human genes (Knock In model), we have here a mouse model that predict treatment efficacy in clinic. All the constituent of the human immune system are present (DC, NK, T cells, B cell, macrophages) and fully functional.

Mr. Sebastien Tabruyn is one of the speakers of the 4th Annual MarketsandMarkets Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress being held on 12th – 13th March 2020 in London – UK. He will be presenting on Day 1 of the summit on the topic – ‘Humanized Mouse Models for Immuno-Oncology Research’. Know more about his presentation visit our website – https://bit.ly/2RYCQfB

If you wish to learn a great deal from him about the Immuno Oncology Industry, then register online or email mailto:[email protected] to book your slot at the conference.

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