Passage Bio on Producing Gene Therapies with Catalent’s Paragon

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About five months ago Passage Bio that basically produces gene therapies for not so common monogenic CNS disease, in partnership with Catalent’s paragon launched a unit that is devoted to manufacturing suite Paragon Harman’s, MD, facility. The other cGMP suite whose worth is not being revealed yet is expected to hit it’s functional phase from mid-2020 and is support Passage Bio’s supply requirements from clinical through commercial phases.

Stephen Squinto, P.hd, co-founder and Interim CEO at Passage Bio stated that “Passage will work contractually with Paragon to conduct GMP manufacturing batches of our AAV material for clinical development across all 3 programs which are on track for clinical development in 2020. Beyond that, we expect to utilize our new dedicated suite for all future GMP manufacturing needs,”

In a statement by Stephen Squinto it’s the collaboration was announced and in the same announcement Squinto added that this collaboration of Passage Bio with Paragon “is a key facet of our business plan.”

Moreover, this manufacturing unit is expected to be huge and will be located approximately five miles southwest of Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. The suite is also within the 150,000-square-foot the older warehouse that Paragon modified into a contract advancement facility that opened in April.

The company Passage Bio is in a phase called IND-enabling phase and that for three of its programs, of which two are expected to begin clinical development in the first half of 2020!

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