Must-know Challenges in Cybersecurity and Effective Solutions

In every 39 seconds, there is a hacker attack! Over 75% of healthcare sectors are affected by malware attacks. Retail, government and technology industries where personal information records are high, are popular target of hackers. Every statistic related to cyber-attack is alarming.

The increase of digitization is also increasing the number of cybercrimes and already millions of people around the world are being affected by such attacks.

The easiest or rather the only effective way right now to tackle this threatening situation is cybersecurity. It is said that there will be 350% increase in cybersecurity jobs by 2021. New attacks are growing each year and so are the challenges in cyber security. It is the responsibility of the cyber security professionals to face the soaring challenges by being fully prepared.

Here are top cybersecurity challenges and favourable solutions:

Ransomware attacks:

It’s hitting businesses badly across the globe. Ransomware attack is a cybercrime which is expected to unfortunately, grow much faster this year. It is typically a malware that targets financial gain via online network. Mostly small and medium sized businesses are victims of cyber criminals.

The best solution, an innovative technology can offer to fight the ransomware attacks is DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service). This technology automatically creates a backup of all the files and once it is done, immediately the backup is cleaned and it shows a failover message with the button pressed when the data is targeted during the malicious attack.

AI technology:

It is the era of artificial intelligence. One side it is proving to be a pathbreaking innovation while on the other side it is welcoming cyber-attacks like never before. The hackers are using the same advanced technology for wrong purposes.

However, one benefit of intelligence is that it is artificial which means they are robots and work without breaks. So, the moment any malware attack takes place, cybersecurity experts can defend it. Robot-human unity is necessary to stop machine attacks. It is going to be harder to defend but not impossible.  

IoT attacks:

People are connected 24/7 with the digital world. Whether it is a smartphone in pockets, smartwatches on the wrist, television in front of eyes or Alexa at homes, Internet of Things is almost ruling everywhere. But since we are constantly plugged in security become vulnerable.

Security professionals need to be well aware of risks and also well prepared to secure user verifications, passwords, time out sessions authentication and other security protocols related to IoT.

Cryptocurrency attacks:

If there is cryptocurrency then there is crypto jacking – a type of hacking related to cryptocurrency. There are security loopholes, due to which many different types of hacking take place on cryptocurrencies.

Though no perfect security solution has been identified for this situation, strong passwords are said to help a lot in reducing the number of attacks. A separate email account for cryptocurrency related discussion should be used and it is recommended to use ad blockers on computers or digital devices that use cryptocurrencies. Hard wallet to store cryptocurrencies is also highly recommended.

Undoubtedly in the coming years, the rate of cybercrime is going to increase but, this will also expand the number of defence mechanisms. Cybersecurity professionals are all set to take up the challenges and offer high-impact security.  

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