15th October 2021

MarketsandMarkets Mergers and Acquisition Virtual Conference - [Eastern Time Zone (EST)]

Addressing the key challenges right from Due Diligence to Post Merger Integration

More than just a term, Mergers and Acquisition process encompasses far more complex procedures and after transaction challenges. Numerous challenges like cultural fit, integration, infrastructure, etc. has led organizations to adopt a more clear and strategic approach to these MnA transactions. These challenges not only force the organization to bring changes to their business process but also mission and vision of the stakeholders.

Keeping in mind the most crucial challenges, we are proud to present MarketsandMarkets “Mergers and Acquisition” virtual conference for our community. The conference will present the top challenges in Mergers and Acquisition domain by the industry leaders.


Key Highlights

  • Addressing the effects of data unavailability and data incorrectness during due diligence
  • Going beyond the hype: Identifying the right target by asking the right questions
  • Identifying the key market dynamics for a Mergers and Acquisition transaction
  • Focusing on the cultural challenges arising after a Mergers and Acquisition process
  • Addressing the setbacks arising due to IT integration
  • Use of Data analytics in M&A
  • Tools and Technology solutions that could be used in M&A transaction
  • Challenges and Risks in executing a transaction during a pandemic 

Who Should Attend?

We welcome the key decision makers and experts that play a vital role for any organizations. The professionals include C-level decision makers, Directors, VP, Manager, Heads, and other professionals

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • M&A Integrations
  • Business Growth
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Business Transformation
  • Legal Affairs

Why Attend?

  • Identify the top trends and challenges in the MnA domain
  • Learn to identify the right target for your next transaction
  • Discuss the cultural clashes that arise after the Merger Process
  • Understanding the role of IT integration and its significance
  • Devising an efficient and effective business strategy for your key stakeholders
  • Learn to identify the unknown data during due diligence
  • Identifying the key market dynamics before engaging in any Mergers and Acquisition transaction

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Sponsor/Exhibit Delegate
Anik Koria
Anik Koria
Team Lead, Group Mergers & Acquisitions, Reliance Industries
Youssef Sbai Tanji
Youssef Sbai Tanji
Director - IT M&A and CIO Advisory, Capgemini
Siddharth Borkar
Siddharth Borkar
Senior Manager - Group Mergers & Acquisitions, Mahindra Group
Pedro De Mello
Pedro De Mello
Manager - M&A, Datwyler Group
Lisa Yu
Lisa Yu
Managing director- Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures, Tata Consultancy Services
Hitesh Chittara
Hitesh Chittara
Vice President, Growth Advisory, MarketsandMarkets Research Pvt. Ltd.
Vinod Chikkareddy
Vinod Chikkareddy
Corporate SVP, MarketsandMarkets
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