16th February 2022

Chief Revenue Officer Talk Series: 5 Steps to Successful CRO | Module 1 [Time-Zone EST]

The CRO oversees operations, sales, company development, advertising and marketing, pricing, and revenue management. They recognize enhancing income overall performance, developing great product and pricing strategy, and delivering customer satisfaction. Their function is becoming increasingly essential in recurring revenue models like subscription-oriented models and retrieving customers as well as organising commercial enterprise relationships with new ones.

They are the individual in charge of a company’s revenue streams. Leveraging knowledge of the roles both sales and advertising play in driving growth, they have remaining accountability in aligning all sales-generating departments and building strategic partnerships.

Their cross-functional expertise ensures sales and marketing communicate well, share information, and collaborate in content creation so that each messaging fits their target customers. working in industries as varied as financial services, IT, and advertising, a CRO who can lead your organisation in building alliances and collaborations increases the likelihood of higher profitability and achievement.

In a subscription-based economy, where companies are investing big time on annuity revenue models, role of CROs is not only becoming increasingly important for the internal CXO community but also gaining importance for investors and venture capitalists.

Encompassed in a 5 module virtual series of 60 minutes each, this gathering of 500+ nation’s top sales & revenue leaders will get benefitted from 5 hours of keynotes, fireside chats, interactive panels, and endless networking opportunities with captivating content aimed at transforming the way you meet goals and will provide an ensured success pathway to become a successful CRO.



  • 5 modules virtual series of 60 minutes each
  • Each module of keynote, fireside chats, and interactive panel
  • Modules will be a virtual 60-minute session followed by 10 minutes of Q&A with a moderator
  • Captivating content aimed at transforming the way you meet goals and will provide an ensured success pathway to become a successful CRO


  • 10th March 2022- Module 2: Transformation in the role of CRO
  • 24th March 2022 -Module 3: Investor Perspective for the role of CRO
  • 11th April 2022 -  Module 4: What experience makes for the perfect CRO?
  • 25th April 2022 -Module 5: Role of CRO Embracing Market Disruptions

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Sponsor/Exhibit Delegate
Deb Deep Sengupta
Deb Deep Sengupta
Chief Revenue Officer | Board Advisor | Investor | , Former CEO SAP India & South Asia
Sandeep Singhal
Sandeep Singhal
Senior Advisor & Investment Committee Member, Avaana Capital
Steve Winter
Steve Winter
Operations Advisor Sales and Marketing Advent International, Former Chief Revenue Officer, Coupa Software
Eric Duffaut
Eric Duffaut
President & Global Head of Field & Marketing, Finastra
Miha Bobic
Miha Bobic
Vice President Business Development and Product Portfolio, Danfoss
Marcus Jewell
Marcus Jewell
Chief Revenue Officer, Juniper Network Ltd
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