UK Gov Launches 5-year Action-Plan and 20-year vision to Control Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Antimicrobial resistance

A 5-year action plan has been published by the UK government on how UK will contribute to control and reduce AMR by 2040. The plan by the UK gov is made to cut down the number of drug-resistant infections by 10%, also reducing the use of antibiotics in human by 15% and prevent nearly 15,000 patients from contracting infections.

The plan is to ensure current antibiotics remain powerful by reducing the quantity of resistant infections. Real-time patient data will be gathered by using new technology, which will help to understand when to preserve and use antibiotics in their treatment to the clinicians.

Prime Minister Theresa May said in a statement “The increase in antibiotic resistance is a threat we cannot afford to ignore. It is vital that we tackle the spread of drug-resistant infections before routine operations and minor illnesses become life-threatening”, she further added “I am very proud of the UK’s global leadership on this important agenda. We will continue to work with our partners to drive international action that will protect the health of future generations”

For antibiotic resistance the pharmaceutical industry is expected to take more responsibility, also a new payment method will be explored to pay the pharmaceutical companies depending upon how valuable the medicines will be to the NHS, which will be done by NICE and NHS England.

Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary said “Imagine a world without antibiotics. Where treatable infections become untreatable, where routine surgery like a hip operation becomes too risky to carry out, and where every wound is potentially life-threatening. What would go through your mind if your child cut their finger and you knew there was no antibiotic left that could treat an infection? This was the human condition until almost a century ago. I don’t want it to be the future for my children – yet it may be unless we act.

Further adding to the statement, he quoted “As Health Secretary, responsible for one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world, I could not look my children in the eyes unless I knew I was doing all in my power to solve this great threat. We have time to act. But the urgency is now.”

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