Speaker Spotlight – ‘Prof. David Bullock’ : MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen AgriTech Conference

The MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen AgriTech Conference kicks off on the 17th & 18th of October 2022 in Chicago USA. With 100+ attendees & stellar presentations from over 15+ industry experts and leaders, the countdown has well & truly begun.

We’re extremely excited & eager to hear the keynote speakers sharing their findings, ideas & foresight into the future of precision agriculture & sustainable farming as novel techniques emerge to propel forward, the growth of the industry as we know it.

As part of the build-up to the conference we spoke to Professor David Bullock from the University of Illinois to share a tiny snippet of his thoughts on how digitalization & advanced technologies will impact agriculture in the coming decades.

1. What do you believe, is the future of AgriTech by 2050 ?

Honestly speaking, I don’t have a clear idea and neither does anyone else. By 2030, I predict that many farmers shall be running agronomic experiments on their own farms.  The data collected from those experiments will be essential to gaining significant economic benefits through the utilization of satellites, robotics, sensors & other technologies the world is excited about.

2. What will be the key takeaways from your presentation which shall help in expanding the knowledge base of the attendees ?  

For most farmers, the majority of benefits will not emerge from the fact that precision agriculture technology allows them to manage their input applications site-specifically, but rather due to its capability in providing data and critical insights, needed to manage input applications site-specifically, ‘profitably.’

3. What steps need to be taken to encourage future generations to practice precision agriculture? If not heeded, what are the drawbacks ?

As farming becomes more data-intensive, it will become increasingly important for many ag-business people, especially crop consultants, to get a good background in statistics.  The emphasis on data and statistics in agriculture education will increase.

Professor David Bullock shall be speaking on : “The Data-Intensive Farm Management Project: Conducting On-Farm Precision Experimentation to Improve Farmers’ Input Management Strategies” at the MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen AgriTech Conference in Chicago.


Keep an eye out on this space more excerpts from leading experts sharing their outlook on the latest innovations, challenges & the path forward!

Ayush Kanitkar

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