Speaker Spotlight – ‘NAMIT KUMAR’ : 3rd Annual MarketsandMarkets Single Cell Analysis Conference!

Just over 3 weeks remain until the 3rd Annual MarketsandMarkets Single Cell Analysis Conference kicks off at the Hyatt Regency Boston/Cambridge on the 23rd & 24th of June 2022. With 100+ attendees & stellar presentations from over 15+ industry experts and leaders, we’re counting down the days till we can finally host you in person!

We’re hugely excited as the keynote speakers shall be sharing their findings, ideas & foresight into the future of cell analysis & how emerging technologies can propel forward, the growth of the healthcare ecosystem.
As we sat down with Namit Kumar, Principal Scientist in the Informatics & Predictive Sciences Division at Bristol Myers Squibb, he was kind enough to give us a tiny glimpse into his presentation.

1. What are the recent advances in single-cell analysis and current challenges that need our immediate attention?

Notable Recent Advances:

  • Spatial transcriptomics – Including applications like profiling spatial detail on T cell influx in the tumor microenvironment.
  • Single cell Multi-omics readout such as:
    • RNA + protein (CITE-seq, REAP-seq),
    • RNA + ATAC
    • scRNA + scTCR seq

Current Challenges:

  • It has proven challenging to establish smooth workflows to profile patient samples from clinical studies, especially for solid tumor and diseased tissue.
  • There is a need to ensure information derived single-cell sequencing platforms can be extrapolated to work with more traditional and commonly used platforms like bulk RNA-seq & IHC.

2. What are noteworthy points from your presentation which shall help build & expand the knowledge base of the attendees? 

  • Immune checkpoint blockade therapies have drastically improved patient survival in numerous cancer types, yet only a subset of patients respond favourably.
  • Current study uses a multi-omics (integrated scRNA and scTCR sequencing) approach to identify distinct cellular states of CD8+ T cells and develop predictive signatures.
  • Intended impact of this study is to develop predictive gene signatures from pre-clinical models which could help improve patient selection in clinical trials and ultimately enhance patient benefit.


Namit Kumar received his PhD from Rutgers University, New jersey with a dual major in Computational Biology and Molecular Biosciences conducting research on identifying drivers of intestinal development and disease. Prior to his BMS, Dr. Kumar worked at Merck developing new single-cell sequencing methodologies like REAP-seq with applications including identifying and validating drug targets. His current research at BMS broadly focusses on using multi-omics approaches to identify clinically applicable biomarkers and indication selection strategies for drugs moving in early clinical trials.

Watch this space for more excerpts from key industry leaders sharing their outlook on the latest innovations, challenges & the path forward!

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Ayush Kanitkar

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