Pawan Hegde Vice President Operations/Strategy IBM Watson Health, New York Speaks About How Innovative Practices Fuel Limited Growth Opportunities for Organizations.

Pawan Hegde is part of the Strategy, Business Development and Operations team at IBM Watson Health’s Provider business. Prior to that Pawan spent 10 years with Thomson Reuters in the UK, US, and the Middle East. During his tenure he held positions in Finance, Sales, Corporate Development and Strategy. Pawan was a member of the team that initiated the Risk business at Thomson Reuters in 2008. He was eventually appointed as the Chief Strategy Officer of the business where he led several acquisitions and created new growth vectors. He then became the Managing Director of the Risk business for Africa, Russia and the Middle East. He is alumni of The Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University.

Q: What is the significance of Corporate Strategist role in an organization in today’s era?

A – The role of the Strategist had evolved from a siloed function to a combined functional and facilitator role.  While Strategy is still an episodic function in this light speed age of information exchange the inputs to the process can come from anywhere and anyone in the organization as well as external sources.  The good strategist would harness these inputs and hence becomes as much as a facilitator and as a functional expert in Strategy

Q: How important is innovation in transforming business strategy?

A – The seeds of “blow out” growth in companies are hard to come by without a transformative rethinking of strategy.  Innovation or innovative practices fuel these limited growth opportunities. Arguably the role of the Strategist is limited in organizations that seek incremental growth.

Q:  What are your views on the agenda and how helpful it is to the targeted audience?

A – The topics are meant to generate new ideas and information flows for any strategist.  This exchange of ideas in a Strategy forum are essential for anyone looking to excel in their strategy function.  The networking event is of course an added benefit.

Pawan Hegde is one of the keynote speakers of MarketsandMarkets Chief Strategy Officer Forum will take place on 10th & 11th June 2019 in New York. He will be presenting on the Day 1 of the conference on the topic – ‘Recognizing the capacity of Artificial Intelligence in increasing the profit of the business’

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