MarketsandMarkets Industry 4.0 Conference: Cyber Security & IIoT Invites Cyber Security & IIoT Experts and Leaders in Chicago

MarketsandMarkets Industry 4.0 Conference

Chicago, May 31 – Focused on the impact of two technologies i.e, Cyber Security & IIoT, on manufacturers, MarketsandMarkets Industry 4.0 Conference: Cyber Security & IIOT, is addressing a series of application-based illustrations and discussions to map the future possibility of trends in the manufacturing world. Discussing solutions to the challenges faced, see the future of manufacturing from leading experts and industry leaders presenting their proven strategies and solutions.

The 2-day conference starting from September 23, 2019 to September 24, 2019 in Chicago – USA, will provide a platform to enhance your learning in the IIOT & Cyber Security domain.  Over the two days the speakers will present real life case studies, use-cases and insights focusing on key highlights -Integration of Cyber Security, Industrial revolution, Cyber risk and compliance strategy, IIOT implementations, smart manufacturing and real-world use-cases.

The conference will see Kirsten Billhardt form Dell Technologies; Sven Schrecker from LHP Engineering Solutions and Noorddin Taj from British Petroleum and more. Apart from these, the conference speaker line-up will host companies such as Foreign Bureau of Investigation, Shell, The Boeing Company, Dell Technologies, British Petroleum, Wipro, Whirlpool, ABB Robot Systems, DHL and more

Apart from these, the conference will focus on how to extract value from the internet of things, how will emerging technologies improve architecture and design, IoT strategy from a business perspective and organizational standpoint.

You can view the conference overview, registration details and complete speaker list on the official website. You can also download the complete agenda to identify the potential interest in the conference on this page – or you can directly email on [email protected] asking for more details, your queries and provide feedback.

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