Julie Schwedock from Takeda Pharmaceuticals speaks about LBPs: What to consider when choosing CDMOs.

Julie Schwedock, PhD is Associate Director of the Microbial Development Team at Takeda Pharmaceuticals.  She leads a cross-functional Pharmaceutical Sciences team for Live Bacterial Products (LBPs) focused on treating dysbiosis of the gut microbiome.  She also heads a functional line group that works on process development for microbial expression systems as well as LPBs.  Prior to that she was Associate Director of Analytical Development and QC at Vedanta Biosciences, also working with LBPs, where she developed analytics in an uncertain regulatory landscape for a product now in Ph2 clinical trials.  She was the Director of Microbiology R&D at Rapid Micro Biosystems, Inc., a company whose mission is to develop rapid microbiological techniques for pharma and food microbiology.  And she also worked at Genomic Profiling Systems, a company whose mission was to develop rapid diagnostics for infectious disease.  She received her Ph.D. from Stanford University, and her B.S. from MIT.

We interviewed Julie about her thoughts on the newfound role of human microbiomes. New research and advances in the field, her presentation at the Conference and her take on the conference program.  

Question: How is human microbiome a new protagonist in managing human health?

Julie Schwedock:

Our understanding of the human microbiome and its affect on human health is just beginning.  In the not-to-distant future, LBPs will be an important part of medicine: restoring health and treating chronic conditions.  In addition, we will have a better understanding of how what we eat, the products we use, and how we live all affect our microbiome and how that in turn affects our health.

Question: What are the challenges of preserving and not preserving live probiotics?

Julie Schwedock:

The challenges of preserving live probiotics are in formulation, packaging, and storage conditions.  In an ideal world, room temperature storage might suffice, but for the short-term, some products may require refrigeration until formulations and packaging are improved.

Question: Having gone through the agenda, what are your views on it and how helpful is it to the targeted audience?

Julie Schwedock:

The MarketsandMarkets Virtual Conference 3rd Edition Gen Next Probiotics and Microbiome will address how the microbiome interacts with our health, and how companies can create commercially viable LBPs.

Julie Schwedock is one of the speakers at our 3rd Edition Marketsandmarkets Next Gen Microbiome and Probiotics- Virtual Conference being held on February 25th -26th, 2021. She will be presenting on the Day 1 of the conference on the topic – ‘LBPs: What to consider when choosing CDMOs; When choosing a CDMO for your live biotherapeutics, what are the important aspects that a company should consider?’

To Know more about her presentation, visit our website – https://bit.ly/2X8h7DX

If you wish to learn a great deal from her about the Microbiome Industry, then register online or email [email protected] to book your slot at the conference.

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