Innovation and application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Innovation and application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

We live in a technology-driven era that is creating tremendous transformation in every business under the sun. Healthcare industry is no exception to it. The technological force and lightning-fast innovation have brought some great changes in the medical sector. The real-world problems are now effortlessly solved by artificial intelligence. Right from research to managing chronic conditions, risk assessment to overcome health challenges, artificial intelligence is undeniably gaining a lot of momentum, in each aspect of healthcare.

Innovative applications that have helped the healthcare sector:

The innovative artificial intelligence has aided the healthcare industry, major researchers and clinical department members with significant benefits like –

  • Identification of diseases and diagnosis
  • Improvement in drug discovery and development
  • Advancement is clinical trial research
  • Personalized medicine and treatment 
  • Prediction of epidemic breakdown and assay
  • Streamlined documentation with Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Healthcare was certainly a promising domain for Artificial Intelligence, however it has now created a considerable impact on the medical outcome and has extensively contributed in improvement of patients’ health.

The next generation development in healthcare:

Artificial Intelligence in neurology

Computer is not novel in healthcare business but the elevation in Artificial Intelligence have brought up a radical change in the interaction between human and technology. The quality of life of patient with Neurological trauma and diseases is drastically improved by the advent of Artificial Intelligence. It helps in decoding particular patient’s neurological function. AI also monitors the response of various treatments and helps in prediction of the outcome. Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role by being part of the real-world, real-time medical practice.

Artificial Intelligence for radiology tools

Artificial Intelligence have shown up an outstanding progress in image-processing tasks. AI eradicates the need of physical tissue samples with the innovative radiology tools which are as accurate and detailed. AI will be most widely used as screening as well as second-read tools. However, even change in mindset will be necessary to embrace Artificial Intelligence in radiology. AI can be effectively used to obtain accurate scans in an accurate manner to serve rights answers to the medical questions. The main aim of the Artificial Intelligence is to improve the efficiency and proficiency in radiology. For example – high level of accuracy can be attained with AI image screening of chest x-rays to detect early signs of tuberculosis.  

Reduce the load of endless documentation

Right from patient information to medical records, the documents are just endless and managing them is definitely an uphill struggle. Electronic Health Records is sure to reduce the burden. Clinical documentations, patient records, details, order entry, all the necessary documentations of routine processes is automated by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. Actually it is the most obvious application needed. It reduces the time and energy invested in documentation tasks. The complete health record of a particular patient gathered from various sources is maintained and kept safe.

Apart from all these, Artificial Intelligence is also responsible to design robot that serves as a great assistance in surgical processes and also identify the risks involved.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence in healthcare industry is really a revolutionary move as it can result is outstanding progress in patient care.

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