5th-6th October 2021

6th Edition Infection Control, Sterilization & Decontamination in Healthcare Virtual Conference- Middle East [Time Zone-Saudi Arabia Standard Time (SAST))]

The pandemic has disrupted healthcare systems frameworks around the world, with hospitals be-ing overwhelmed due to the increasing influx of patients. The spread of COVID-19 has prodded a surge in demand for cleaning and disinfection products due to the growing awareness about hy-giene, health, and safety.

The utilization of reprocessed equipment to disinfect or sterilize medical devices is higher than normal now since improper decontamination of surgical instruments, endoscopic devices, respira-tory care devices, and reusable hemodialysis machines can increase the chances of healthcare as-sociated infections. Patient-to-patient pathogen transmission via medical devices can be entirely prevented by properly sterilising medical devices

MarketsandMarkets is proud to host 6th Edition Infection Control, Sterilization & Decontamina-tion in Healthcare Virtual Conference (Middle East) scheduled for 5 - 6 October 2021.

This congress aims at providing a platform to all the stakeholders, to discuss the challenges in main-taining the infection free environment in the hospitals and effective ways to reduce the chances of healthcare associated infections through contaminated medical devices.


Key Highlights

  • Evolution of the pandemic and control measures
  • Education and training – a main pillar of infection control
  • Normalizing COVID moving forward
  • Surgical site infection prevention
  • Decontamination of diagnostic & other clinical equipments
  • Importance of ventilation in hospitals
  • Maintaining endoscopes facilities
  • Equipment decontamination in dental instruments

Who Should Attend?

Surgeons, Doctors, Professors, Researchers, and Faculty from Hospitals and Academic institutions related to:

  • Infection Control Department
  • Director Infection Prevention and Control
  • Assistant Director Infection Prevention and Control
  • Microbiologist
  • Risk/Governance Manager
  • Junior Doctor
  • Lead Nurse Infection Prevention and Control
  • Senior Lecturer/Lecturer
  • Matron / Nurse
  • Infection Prevention and Control Nurse/Practitioner
  • Consultant Nurses / Specialists

From the departments of:

Sterile Services Department (SSD) and Decontamination Department

  • Director/Asst. Director
  • Head
  • Manager/ Lead
  • Deputy Manager/Quality Management Representative
  • Coordinator
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Technicians / Engineers

Endoscopy Unit

  • Director
  • Head/ Manager
  • Nurse

Supply Chain & Procurement

  • Estate Facilities Department
  • Biomedical Scientist (BMS)
  • Patient Safety

Why attend?

  • Learn-: A chance to learn from the best practices by experts in the industry
  • Network:- Meet and discuss with industry professionals
  • Gain competitive edge- Interactive technologies that are effectively enhancing patient safety
  • Identify- Emerging trends in Research & Innovation

Enquire Now

Sponsor/Exhibit Delegate
Prof. Walid Al-Wali
Prof. Walid Al-Wali
Senior Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Chair of Infection Prevention and Control, Hazm Mebaireek and Al-Wakra Hospitals,Hamad Medical Corporation
Prof. Walid Al-Wali
Prof. Walid Al-Wali
Senior Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Chair of Infection Prevention and Control, Hazm Mebaireek and Al-Wakra Hospitals,Hamad Medical Corporation
Tabrikah Mohammed
Tabrikah Mohammed
Infection control specialist, CIC, Dubai
Jameela Al-Ajmi
Jameela Al-Ajmi
Sr. Infectious Diseases Consultant and Executive Director for IPC, The Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
Feah Altura-Visan
Feah Altura-Visan
Senior IPC Practitioner and Head of IPC, Al-Wakra Hospital
Batool Shamshir
Batool Shamshir
Medical Director (COVID), Field Hospital, Head of HIV Center, East Jeddah Hospital, KSA
Ms. Iman Nahle
Ms. Iman Nahle
IPC SURVEYOR, Saudi Central Board For Accreditation of Health Care Institutions (CBAHI), KSA
John Prendergast
John Prendergast
Authorised Engineer (Decontamination), Special Estates Services, UK
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell
Decontamination Service Manager, University Hospital Wales, UK
Please contact [email protected] for speaking opportunity
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Irish Decontamination Institute (IDI)

Irish Decontamination Institute (IDI)

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