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MarketsandMarkets Smart Manufacturing Crystal Ball Event

High growth markets which contribute to 20% of your revenues today will contribute 80% in the next 5 years. Identify these new revenue sources at MarketsandMarkets Crystal Ball Events!

The smart manufacturing market is expected to reach USD 228 billion by 2027. Numerous enabling technologies are expected to fuel its growth – Condition Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, Industrial 3D Printing, Collaborative Robots, Industrial Cybersecurity, Warehouse Management Systems, Manufacturing Execution System and Automated Guided Vehicle. 

A host of attractive, high growth opportunities such as IoT in Manufacturing, AR/VR in Manufacturing, Industrial Robotics, Blockchain in Manufacturing, Warehouse Robotics & Automation, remote monitoring, and 5G Infrastructure could be pursued.

Participants such as technology providers, machine/equipment providers, Software Provider, System Integrator, and End User industries can benefit from this unprecedented growth over the next 5 years  

This Crystal Ball event focuses on learning more about the most promising opportunities in the Smart Manufacturing ecosystem, as seen through the lens of eminent CXOs in this space.

What to Expect


  • Significance of Monitoring in Digital Manufacturing
  • Key Underlining technologies for monitoring
  • Technical standard or compatibility as a challenge
  • Hurdle in the deployment of monitoring techniques in a traditional shopfloor
  • Cyber Security and Data Security

Conference Agenda

Day 1 Thu, 20-Oct-2022


10:00 - 11:30


Monitoring Digital Manufacturing By 2025

90 minutes of insightful discussion amongst a panel of industry veterans with an aim to bring out a tangible action plan by discussing the topics below:

• What is the significance of monitoring in the current ecosystem of manufacturing and its importance specially after COVID-19?

• What are those different types of effective monitoring techniques, and its implementation in different industrial applications?

• Any specific underlining technology we can point out to, especially within the monitoring domain.

• What are those specific challenges you typically face while implementing monitoring techniques in a manufacturing facility?

• Since monitoring is a data driven technique, how do you tackle the problem of cyber security in the ecosystem of manufacturing?

• Technical standard is considered as one of the big challenges in the deployment of monitoring techniques, so where we are in terms of standardization of monitoring technologies.

• There is a lot of complexity in the implementation of monitoring technologies specially in a traditional factory ecosystem. What’s your strategy to deal with such kind of complexity?

• Lack of the right kind of skill is another challenge faced by companies adopting any new technology. What kind of training are you providing so that skilled labor is available.

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