Plastic Recycling - Need of the hour (Time Zone - 10 AM EST) MarketsandMarkets

27th October 2021

In 2017, a report from UN, reported that 51 trillion plastic particles are present in our oceans; 500 times more than the stars in the galaxy.

Many states in US have announced ban on single use plastics. European Union passed a tax of €0.80 (about $1.00) per kilogram on non-recycled plastic packaging waste. EU Directive 2018/852 on packaging and packaging waste calls for 50% recycling of plastic packaging by 2025 and 55% by 2030.  China’s open sword policy has banned import of more than 24 types of plastic waste. As a consequence of the above it is predicted that crude oil demand for petrochemicals can shrink by more than 20% by 2040.

How realistic are these predictions and how effective are targets set by governments. For these to become a reality plastic recycling has to become viable and to achieve this viability following questions need to be answered:      


  1. Will regulations be able to drive increase in demand for recycled plastics ?
  2. Will any technology be able to bring in the necessary profitability and viability?
  3. Will there be sufficient feedstock to support the demand?
  4. When will there will be wide scale industrial acceptance of recycled plastics and which industrial segments will drive the demand?

  • Industries: Oil & gas, petrochemicals, recycling technology providers, packaging, F&B, FMCG
  • Personas: Corporate strategy, Technologists/innovation,  Regulatory affair, Marketing, Sales  


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Neeraj Verma

Neeraj Verma, Chemicals and Materials Advisory, MarketsandMarkets

10:00 - 11:30



Neeraj Verma

Neeraj Verma

Chemicals and Materials Advisory, MarketsandMarkets