New Economy Series Fireside Chat Episode 4: Decoding the $1 Billion Revenue Opportunity in CCUS Market by 2030 MarketsandMarkets


MarketsandMarkets presents the New Economy Series - Fireside Chats to provide actionable insights on new revenue growth opportunities emerging from disruptions in the ecosystem. Episodes in this series unveil how global market and technological disruptions impact the economy. As it directly influences industries, actionable insights from industry experts can help businesses navigate through emerging challenges and act accordingly towards growth. 

In this episode, we deep-dived into the future of the CCUS and DAC technologies in conjunction with sustainability and reducing carbon footprint – with the primary focus on driving the CO2 emissions to zero. With the growing initiatives towards carbon capture, there stands a lucrative revenue opportunity of $170 million by 2025 awaits in CO2 capture alongside a billion-dollar plus market by 2030. 

Stay tuned to unlock the impending advantage in the CCUS market!



Aashish Mehra

Aashish Mehra

Chief Research Officer, MarketsandMarkets

Sarang Wadyalkar

Sarang Wadyalkar

Sr. Manager, MarketsandMarkets