17th - 18th October 2022

MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen Agritech Virtual Conference (Time Zone - EST)

Changing Agriculture Paradigms and Improving Food Security

Emerging agricultural trends involve new technologies and strategies that become more advanced over time. There have been significant changes in the agriculture sector over the past several decades and new technologies have also been introduced. All these factors have led to an expansion of the sector. Recent agricultural advances have made farming activities more comfortable and acceptable for farmers. Developments or trends such as these benefit not only the growth of agriculture, but also the lives of farmers.

MarketsandMarkets is extremely delighted to announce its Next-Gen AgriTech Conference” scheduled to be held virtuallyon 17th -18th October 2022. The conference is designed for having interactive discussions in Precision Agriculture, Agriculture & Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, Smart weather for Precision Agriculture, Dairy, Poultry and Livestock Farming, Precision crop protection etc. The conference also includes interactive breakout sessions, solutions and services supporting the rapidly growing Agricultural industry. The event will witness the participation of a decision makers from the AgriTech industry who share an interest in enhancing Agricultural approaches.


Key Highlights

Precision Agriculture

  • Satellite Farming
  • Precision Horticulture and Viticulture
  • Satellite-Based Applications for Precision Agriculture

Agriculture & Food Security

  • Nutrition Security
  • Food and Agricultural Immunology
  • Food Systems
  • Post-harvest technologies for reducing food losses

Dairy, Poultry and Livestock Farming

  • Livestock Production Systems
  • Role of Livestock in Agriculture
  • Benefits of Poultry Farming
  • Genetic Engineering in Animal Farming
  • Technologies and Equipment

Climate Smart Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Factors Effecting Sustainability
  • Agroecosystem analysis

Global Trends and Challenges in Agriculture

Green House Agriculture

  • Greenhouse technology
  • Vertical farming

Why Attend?

  • Participate in discussions with experts on how technology implementation can be improved
  • Attracting and retaining world-class agricultural talents
  • Resolve common Agricultural challenges
  • Discover the latest technology implementations in the industry
  • Discover best-in-class solutions during the workshop sessions
  • Interactive panel discussions

Who Should Attend?

CEO’s, CSO’s, COO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Farmers, Managers, Principal scientists, Engineers, Professors, Group Heads, Researchers, Investor in finance, Policy Advisor, Legal Affairs, Data, Analytics, Machinery, Iot, Big Data, Entrepreneur working in:

  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Evolution and Ecology
  • Plant Breeding & Genomics
  • Soilless and Hydroponic Culture and Bio- Systems
  • Environmental Economics
  • Farm Crisis and Management
  • Soil and Water Sensors
  • Technical Transformation in Agriculture
  • Vertical Farming

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Sponsor/Exhibit Delegate
Alby May
Alby May
Environmentalist, Women Unhindered International
Gina Talt
Gina Talt
Food Systems Project Specialist, Princeton University
Alby May
Alby May
Environmentalist, Women Unhindered International
Alex Melnitchouck
Alex Melnitchouck
CTO - Digital Ag, Olds College
David Bullock
David Bullock
Professor, University of Illinois
David Waldo
David Waldo
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Grant 4D Farms
João Rafael Brites
João Rafael Brites
Director of Growth & Innovation, HowGood
Jonathan Lehe
Jonathan Lehe
Chief of Strategy, Partnerships, and Innovation, Precision Development
Craig Ratajczyk
Craig Ratajczyk
CEO, Crop One
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European Photonics Industry Consortium

European Photonics Industry Consortium