New Economy Series - Fireside Chat on Decarbonization

30th March 2022

MarketsandMarkets presents the New Economy Series  - Fireside Chats that provide actionable insights on new revenue growth opportunities emerging from disruptions in the ecosystem. Episodes in the series will cover Market & Technological disruptions, their impact on the economy and how industries can navigate emerging challenges so that they can adapt and grow from them.

Decarbonization of industries is perceived to be one of the biggest challenges. There is no one-size-fit solution that is available, probably leaving a big need-gap assessment opportunity for individual industry segments.
As nations across the globe create policy frameworks and solutions, there is always a balancing act at play defining sustainable economics for such solutions. Energy companies are at the cusp of this revolution, but we believe that IT and OT Technology owners will have a pivotal role to play in shaping things for operators.



Aashish Mehra

Aashish Mehra

Chief Research Officer, MarketsandMarkets

Ashish Bhadola

Ashish Bhadola

Practice Head | Energy, Environment, and Power Advisory, MarketsandMarkets