MarketsandMarkets Crystal Ball Event- Top Disruptions In Coatings And Adhesives Technology
Maximize your positive impact through the Crystal Ball Event Series by MarketsandMarkets

MarketsandMarkets Coatings And Adhesives Technology Crystal Ball Event [Time Zone - 10 AM EST]

High growth markets which contribute to 20% of your revenues today will contribute 80% in the next 5 years. Identify these new revenue sources at MarketsandMarkets’s Crystal Ball event

The paints & coatings market is expected to be a $179 billion market in 2025. The growth of end-use industries such as architectural, general industrial, protective, and automotive & transportation is driving the paints & coatings market growth.
A host of attractive, high growth opportunities such as Smart Coatings, NanoCoatings, Anti-Icing Coating, anti-microbial coatings, polyurea coatings, UV coatings, etc could be pursued. Participants such as Paints & Coatings Manufacturer, Resin, Solvent, and Additives manufacturers can benefit from this unprecedented growth over the next 5 years.

The adhesives market is expected to be a $70 billion market in 2025. The major drivers for the market are increased demand for adhesives in the medical industry, increasing demand for adhesives & sealants from the building & construction industry, and growth in the appliances industry.

A host of attractive, high growth opportunities such as EV Adhesives, Electronic Adhesives, medical adhesives, etc could be pursued. Participants such as Adhesives Manufacturer, Resin, Curing Agent, Additives & fillers manufacturers can benefit from this unprecedented growth over the next 5 years.

This Crystal Ball event focuses on learning more about the most promising opportunities in the Paints & Coatings  ecosystem, as seen through the lens of eminent CXOs in this space.

Transformation strategy for Coatings and Adhesives Ecosystem:

  • 80% of today’s revenue sources will be just 20% of tomorrow, replaced by the new, latent sources. The key is to uncover the 20% that will become the new 80%, which is not evident to most businesses.
  • Through crystal ball events, MnM aims to uncover the 20 that will be the new 80 for different markets and how interconnected ecosystems and adjacent markets will impact each other.

What to Expect


  • 90 minutes of brainstorming among 4 great minds will aim at bringing out a tangible action plan which can be used as an event takeaway for all attendees
  • Just like a live workshop, focused on the most critical issues of today and future. Real-world topics having a material economic impact while identifying new 20% to replace existing 80%
  • Each crystal ball will be a recorded, virtual 90-minute session followed by 10 minutes of Q&A with a moderator stimulating the discussion
  • A round-table format, bringing a small group of 4 top C-suites from core / adjacent / connected industries together to reveal actionable intelligence

Conference Agenda

  • Coatings & adhesives are predominantly used in the automotive industry. Will the increase in adoption of electric vehicle and autonomous cars will create revenue for smart coatings and hybrid adhesives by 2025?
  • The automotive industry expects greater needs for advanced coating technologies especially for autonomous cars. New functionalities such as transparent protective coatings, anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, anti-reflective coatings, and soft-touch paints is expected to be seen in future vehicles. Will the shift from conventional ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) vehicles to autonomous cars is expected to create a new revenue for coatings manufacturers by 2030?
  • In what respect will the manufacturing capabilities aided by Electric vehicle drive the competitive advantage? Does the integration of components such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Camera, LiDAR, Radar, Ultrasonic Sensor within the entire product lifecycle will be an opportunity for smart coatings and adhesive market?
  • Due to Covid-19, there has been a steep demand for antimicrobial coatings in architectural and industrial applications. Will this demand maintain its momentum post-covid situation? Which are the potential new application areas that are yet to be tapped in the market?
  • How is the Russia Ukraine war impacting the business in Russia and the surrounding countries? What is your country doing to mitigate the losses from this region?
  • Newer cars are moving towards light weighting and adopting newer lighter substrates such as carbon fiber, glass fiber and other plastics. How are these impacting the paint processes and paint requirements in the automobile industry?
  • As the coating formulations become more complex, with the addition of responsive specific performance additives, the complexities in the formulation, application, storage, and transportation increase. How much of these factors prove to be a deterrent in the sales of these coatings? Do these factors reduce the rate of adoption by the end users?
  • Electric vehicles use approximately 100 more ECUs (Electric Control Units) than ICE vehicles, and that number is expected to continue growing. Increasing usage of sensors and other hardware may lead to system failures at time if the energy efficiency thermal management and physical protection from environment is not maintained? How are companies working on conformal or heat resistant or thermal management materials to cater the needs?

Conference Speakers

Confirmed Speakers

Peter Van Aken

Peter Van Aken

Marketing Director Paints & Coatings, Arxada

Sebastian Pordomingo

Sebastian Pordomingo

Global Product Marketing Director, Packaging Coatings, AkzoNobel

Elizabeth Knazs

Elizabeth Knazs

Business Development Manager –Electric Vehicle and Battery, H.B.Fuller

Gursher Sindhu

Associate Vice President CNM Domain, MarketsandMarkets

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