MarketsandMarkets CMO Roundtable - Account Based Marketing (Edition 4)
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MarketsandMarkets CMO Roundtable - Account Based Marketing (Edition 4)

Deep Dive into the Role of a CMO against the backdrop of a Volatile Economy!

The role of today’s CMO is not only limited to marketing activities but also responsible for being a revenue driver of a business. A CMO faces many challenges, and quality insights and networking opportunities are hard to come by. The CMO Talks Spin-off Round Table Initiative by MarketsandMarkets aims to rectify those pain points by bringing together top thought leaders in the business world – exploring the dimensions and ramifications of this new age of ever-evolving leadership roles.

What to Expect


  • Essential parameters to identify key accounts which can selected to foucs your ABM efforts on.
  • Organizational prerequisites required prior to embarking on ABM-led strategy to avoid future failures & unnecessary hurdles.
  • Key factors in aligning Sales and Business.

Why Attend ?

  • With the rise of ABM, how can you set yourself apart from the rest of your peers & competitors?
  • Accurately measuring your ABM program effectiveness?
  • How to ensure desired ROI achievements through your ABM efforts?

Conference Agenda


  • How can you make the right tech choices for ABM - and can ABM be done without buying tech?

  • What are the organisational prerequisites before embarking on ABM? For example, sales account coverage, marketing cooperation, and sales and marketing platform integrations.

  • How do you choose the right accounts on which to focus ABM efforts?
  • What is the secret to aligning successfully with sales and the business?

Conference Speakers

Confirmed Speakers

Katie (Risch) Mcadams

Katie (Risch) Mcadams

Chief Marketing Officer, Basis Technologies

Jesse Humphrey

Jesse Humphrey

VP Marketing, Digital Management Inc.

Karl Van den Bergh

Karl Van den Bergh

Chief Marketing Officer, Gigamon

Shyam Nair

Shyam Nair

Associate Vice President, MarketsandMarkets

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