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MarketsandMarkets Big Data Analytics CRYSTAL BALL EVENT

High growth markets which contribute to 20% of your revenues today will contribute 80% in the next 5 years. Identify these new revenue sources at MarketsandMarkets’s Crystal Ball event

The big data and analytics market is expected to grow at over `10% to be a USD 229 billion market in 2025. Numerous growth engines are expected to fuel its adoption – the increasing use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices among organizations, increasing availability of data across the organizations to gain deeper insights to remain competitive, and increasing digital transformation initiatives among enterprises.

The adoption of advanced big data technologies with minimal infrastructure, cost-effectiveness offered by the big data solutions, and immediate need for actionable intelligence for enhanced decision-making will provide attractive, high growth opportunities in the big data and analytics market. Participants such as CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, analytics solution and service providers, and system integrators can benefit from this unprecedented growth over the next 5 years.

This Crystal Ball event focuses on learning more about the most promising opportunities in the big data  and analytics space, as seen through the lens of eminent CXOs in this space.

What to Expect


  • Real-time / Continuous Intelligence to provide decision-making support
  • Cloud-based Analytics Platforms to ease out complexities involved in building algorithms and maintaining them
  • Data Automation to tackle massive volumes of information that have been collected
  • The need for finding newer, more granular, richer, and wider data pools to get deeper insights
  • Collaborative and Self-Service Business Intelligence providing collaborative information, information enhancement, and  collaborative decision-making
  • Edge Analytics enabling autonomous machine behavior, reducing data transfer costs, and providing higher levels of data security
  • Augmented Analytics combining artificial intelligence and machine learning to help find the most important insights
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics tools helping answer the questions: what will happen? How can we make it happen?
  • Customer Data Platforms and Journey Analytics providing 360-degree view of customers

Crystal Ball:
Through the Speakers Perspective

  • What are the top 10 revenue growth opportunities for analytics ecosystem participants over the next 5 years? Which markets, technologies, and customer segments are the most attractive to place bets?
  • Technologies such as the cloud, machine learning, and IoT are getting more advanced and interconnected. How do you see, analytics to act as a ‘core nervous system’ for organizations, such as trucking companies, airlines, and railroads, which can use it to adjust schedules for optimal efficiency and profit?
  • Companies are moving from dashboarding solutions to process automation and intelligent automation and in some cases to advanced real-time AI-based solutions. What role do you see for cloud-based analytics platforms in helping customers make this switch seamlessly?
  • Vendors are working on connecting retailers, brands, and consumers by leveraging technology to empower the entire retail ecosystem. Data from customer service channels, customer databases, social media is increasingly mined to get more insights into buyer behavior. How do you see analytics playing a pivotal role in identifying customer needs across buying channels and providing retailers with actionable intelligence to create omnichannel customer experiences?
  • Automation is cited as one of the top priorities for CXOs and a key IT strategy for competitive advantage. What are the pitfalls to avoid for organizations to be successful in their automation journeys?
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