22nd - 23rd June 2023

MarketsandMarkets Infectious Disease and Molecular Diagnostics Conference

Boston, USA

The Diagnostics sector has emerged as a prominent game changer in healthcare, because of many technological advancements taking place within the field. As diagnostics is a key to making treatment decisions, it needs to be quicker, more precise, and more accurate.

MarketsandMarkets is extremely delighted to announce it's Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Molecular Diagnostics Conference USA Edition scheduled to be held on 22nd - 23rd June 2023 in Boston. The conference is hand crafted to platform new diagnostics insights, holding discussions on trending technologies along with its latest applications, indicating the challenges in diagnostics area covering, diagnostic setting, sample processing, regulations, validations, high technology cost, challenges involved in blood – transfusion technology, what needs to happen to facilitate better healthcare throughout the world, how vaccines work and their side-effects, challenges associated with test kits, issues with accuracy & the results.


Key Highlights:

Molecular Diagnostics

  • Integrated Host-Microbe Plasma Metagenomics for Precision Diagnosis of Sepsis
  • Liquid Biopsies and Blood Based Molecular Diagnostics
  • COVID from different perspectives
  • Utility of Microbial Metagenomics in a Cancer Patient Population
  • Quality Management in Molecular Diagnostics
  • NGS based Molecular Diagnostics
  • Molecular Diagnostics in Infectious Diseases
  • Molecular Diagnostics in preventive medicine
  • Future Molecular Diagnostics and New Diagnostic Technologies
  • Molecular Diagnostics in Laboratory Medicine and Genetics

Infectious Disease Diagnostics

  • Clinical Metagenomic Sequencing for Diagnosis of Infections
  • Use of POCT to Improve Outpatient Antibiotic Use
  • Emerging infectious diseases
  • Portable point-of-care testing systems and increasing global access to care
  • Host Response-Based Diagnostics for Infectious Disease
  • Evaluating non-invasive screening strategies and Point of care testing for liver diseases
  • The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on diagnostic innovation for infectious disease
  • Multiplex Blood-Borne Pathogen Detection
  • Food & Water-Borne Infectious Diseases
  • Advances in testing and multiplexing

Why attend?

  • Learn about innovative devices and procedures for effective diagnostics
  • Meet global heads of infectious disease and molecular diagnostics from the industry and Academics
  • Participate in discussions with experts on how technology implementation can be improved
  • Attracting and retaining world-class talent
  • Resolve common R&D challenges
  • Discover the latest technology implementations in the industry
  • Discover best-in-class solutions during the workshop sessions
  • Interactive panel discussions
  • 120+ Professionals Attending
  • Case studies presented from leading technology collaborations

Who should attend?


  • Hospitals - Department of infectious diseases. Department of hematology, Department of Genomics, Diagnostics Department, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics
  • Hospital Designations - Senior scientist, scientist, Microbiologist, biologists, pathologist, General
  • Practitioners, Lab managers, Lab directors, medical directors, POCT coordinators
  • Universities Designations- Professors, Researchers, Associate professors, Deans, Senior Professors
  • Hospital Laboratories Designations- Pathologists, Lab managers, Lab Directors, Clinicians
  • Pharma/Therapeutics Designation- CEO, COO, Senior scientist, Research scientist, POCT specialist


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Sponsor/Exhibit Delegate
Jamar Shaw, MD, MPH, CIC, QPDS
Jamar Shaw, MD, MPH, CIC, QPDS
Sr. Infection Control Practitioner , Emory Healthcare
Please contact [email protected] for speaking opportunity
Boston, USA
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