6th Annual MarketsandMarkets

Infectious Disease and Molecular Diagnostics Conference

17th - 18th March 2025

London, UK

The healthcare sector is undergoing significant transformations, largely due to advancements in technology, and the Diagnostics field has emerged as a pivotal catalyst in this evolution. Given its crucial role in treatment decisions, diagnostics must strive for speed, precision, and accuracy.


We are pleased to announce the 6th Annual Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Molecular Diagnostics Conference, organized by MarketsandMarkets. This esteemed event is scheduled to take place on the 17th and 18th of March 2025 in London. The conference has been handcrafted to showcase the latest insights in diagnostics, explore emerging technologies and their applications, address challenges within the diagnostics domain, including diagnostic settings, sample processing, regulations, validations, high costs of advanced technologies, challenges related to blood transfusion technology, and the global need for improved healthcare. It will also delve into topics such as vaccine efficacy, side effects, issues with test kits, and the importance of result accuracy.




London, UK