9th Annual MarketsandMarkets

Infection Control, Sterilization & Decontamination Conference

17th - 18th March 2025

London, UK

Empowering Safety, Safeguarding Futures: Showcasing Effective Infection Prevention & Sterilization Strategies!

Step forward into the forefront of healthcare safety and efficacy! MarketsandMarkets is proud to announce to its  9th Annual Infection Prevention, Sterilization, and Decontamination Conference on 17th - 18th March, 2025 in the vibrant city of London. This exclusive event is dedicated to advancing the essential knowledge and practices required for maintaining pristine, infection-free environments. 

Our conference serves as a dynamic platform for healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry leaders to engage in discussions on cutting-edge research, best practices, and innovative solutions. Together, we'll address emerging challenges and seize opportunities in infection prevention, exploring critical topics such as antimicrobial resistance, emerging infectious diseases, the role of technology, proper disinfectant utilization, wastewater management, and effective strategies for combating healthcare-associated infections.

Whether you're an experienced infection control practitioner, a healthcare administrator, a microbiologist, or an industry professional join us for a transformative experience aimed at shaping the future of healthcare hygiene and safeguarding the well-being of patients and healthcare workers alike.





London, UK