#DisruptionDialogues Episode 6: Commercial Vehicles Electrification Roadmap

#DisruptionDialogues Podcast focuses on various upcoming disruptions that are changing the operating landscape of global businesses. This podcast series is designed to introduce the subject of disruption to like-minded leaders who would share insights on a host of challenges being faced by a plethora of industries, and the solutions being pitted to tackle them. In this decade alone, we expect to see each B2B company transforming 50% of their revenues. To survive these business disruptions, companies need to analyze their business processes and external environment to ascertain whether they are well equipped to rise to these challenges. According to MarketsandMarkets estimate, these disruptions are expected to create new revenue opportunities worth US$ 25 trillion by 2030. 

In this podcast, our Chief Mentor and Host, Pranjal Sharma, is in conversation with Zubin Sarkar, Head of Strategy, Business Development & Marketing, Siemens Commercial Vehicles, discussing electrification roadmap for commercial vehicles, the challenges being faced by automakers and OEMs, and how they can be tackled. “Electrification of heavy commercial vehicles will significantly pick up by 2025 and will see a stable mix of different technologies in the period 2025-40, subsequently a clear winning technology after 2040,” says Zubin.

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Sponsor/Exhibit Delegate
Pranjal Sharma
Pranjal Sharma
Economic Analyst, Advisor and Author, World Economic Forum
Zubin Sarkar
Zubin Sarkar
VP & Head of Strategy, Business Development, Marketing at Siemens Commercial Vehicles, Siemens
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