Sponsor List

Co-Diagnostics Inc.

Co-Diagnostics, Inc. Company Description: Founded in 2013 on the principle of making affordable PCR tests available worldwide, Co-Dx™ is a molecular diagnostics provider with unique, patented technology which enables the design of high performing, cost-effective PCR for infectious diseases, at-home/point-of-care, SNP detection, vector surveillance, liquid biopsy and more. Visit us at the 5th Annual Infectious Diseases and Molecular Diagnostic Conference to see how were making our revolutionary Co-Primer™ technology available around the world. 

Anetic Aid

Anetic Aid is a world-leading designer and UK-based manufacturer of medical devices, used extensively for patient transport, treatment and recovery. The drive towards efficient surgical practice has never been greater we are pleased to present the QA4 Mobile Surgery System and specialist positioning devices ideally placed to meet the challenges of the NHS initiative HVLC High Volume low Complexity.


AusDiagnostics is a manufacturer and supplier of highly multiplexed, automated molecular assays for the detection of pathogens and antibiotic resistance markers (respiratory including  Sars-Cov 2,  enteric, STIs,  HPV etc) from a wide range of clinical samples.

Key advantages of our approach are low cost, ease of use and a unique MT-PCR process that preserves the quantitative relationship between pathogens in the original sample. Our system  is coupled with easy to use software and we can supply equipment and IVD kits for laboratories of all sizes.



Medica is the leading provider of teleradiology services in the UK at the forefront of health-tech innovation, connecting healthcare professionals and organisations with talent and technology. With a global network of over 750 reporters and partnerships with over 50% of NHS Trusts, we offer pioneering workflow solutions to ensure timely diagnoses. Our sustainable teleradiology and telepathology services expedite treatment plans and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Experience the future of healthcare with Medica, where excellence meets innovation.

PFE Medical

PFE Medical are Infection Prevention and Decontamination Specialists. We specialise in bringing new, innovative infection prevention products to UK hospitals with the current products being primarily on Probe Decontamination. We understand the need to move beyond simple, single-duty, manual operation treatment. Our focus is supplying an elite product line that addresses the combined needs of patients and staff with numerous workflow and time-saving features, options and accessories that reduce the hassle of specific medical tasks.


Tristel is a UK-based manufacturer of infection prevention and contamination control products. Our lead technology is a proprietary chlorine dioxide formulation (ClO2).

Visit the Tristel stand to discover the latest from Tristel in medical device decontamination and learn about our Cache Collection, the future of sporicidal surface disinfection.

With Cache, we pledge to work with you to eliminate the use of pre-wetted plastic wipes in hospitals and travel together towards a greener future


PlasmaTYPHOON and the PlasmaBAG, offers a unique and innovative solution for fast drying and active storage of endoscopes for up to 31 days. The PlasmaTYPHOON uses an innovative approach to offer complete drying, quickly and efficiently: two different levels of airflow, resulting in perfectly dry channels. PENTAX Medical welcomes you to the World of Intelligence with PlasmaBiotics.

B. Braun Medical UK Ltd

B. Braun Medical UK Ltd offers products for operating theatres, anaesthesia, intensive care, cardiology, extracorporeal blood treatment and home care. Our Aesculap division focusses specifically on products and services for surgery. We provide the opportunity to experience laparoscopic procedures in 3D4K with fluorescence imaging utility using the EinsteinVision 3.0 3D Camera System as well as a large laparoscopic product portfolio including 5 & 3.5mm instrumentation, energy systems and equipment for accessing the abdomen.

KLS Martin | Starkstrom

We are KLS Martin - your surgery brand

Surgical Innovation is our Passion!

This is a promise we have pursued in surgery since 1896 and the aspiration which drives us. With this claim in mind, we develop and market medical technology solutions such as electrosurgery units, surgical laser systems, implant systems, sterilization containers, OR lights as well as surgical instruments. And in many cases, we have set new benchmarks.


Our vision is to reduce illness and death associated with fungal disease globally; through use of rapid diagnostic testing and targeted, appropriate use of antimicrobials. Our novel and reliable rapid-diagnostic tests fit seamlessly into current treatment pathways, with the aim of reducing the rate of drug resistant infections by promoting a new diagnostic led approach. We aim to achieve this whilst delivering clear financial and clinical benefits to hospitals, clinicians and patient care.

Eurobio Scientific

Eurobio Scientific is a major player in the field of specialty in vitro diagnostics products, supplying into the diagnostics, research, transplantation, immunology, and infectious diseases, and industrial laboratories, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Eurobio Scientific acquired Surrey based Pathway Diagnostics Ltd in 2019. Pathway Diagnostics Ltd have been supplying haemostasis, immunology, quality control materials and infectious disease products as a distributor and manufacturer to the UK and Ireland IVD, research, and industrial markets since 1998


Randox Laboratories has established itself as a leading diagnostics developer for laboratories of all sizes. Our Qnostics' molecular IQC portfolio caters to the diverse needs of molecular diagnostics and Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) laboratories. With a wide range of viral, bacterial, and fungal targets, it ensures precise and reliable testing, boosting lab performance and result confidence.

Randox Qnostics' molecular IQC portfolio guarantees accurate outcomes, empowering labs worldwide.

For more information, visit www.randox.com or contact [email protected].

Visiting Partners
Advanced Medical Solutions

Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc (AMS) is a public, UK-based business that develops manufactures and markets innovative products in the following areas; accelerated healing and managing wounds; wound closure and sealants; haemostats & adhesion prevention.

Today the Company has a global customer base, is manufacturing out of 5 countries and employs over 750 people

Speaking Partner

OptraSCAN® are pioneers in the On-Demand Digital Pathology® System, focused on delivering fully integrated, affordable solutions that will maximize your return on investment and improve the performance of your pathology services. An ISO 13485-certified company and CE-marked whole slide scanners for IVDR use, OptraSCAN is working to eliminate the barriers to “Go Digital” no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab’s throughput, or global location.


Clinisys is a global provider of intelligent diagnostic informatics solutions and expertise designed to redefine the modern laboratory, across healthcare, life sciences, and public health. Millions of diagnostic results and data insights are generated every day using Clinisys’ platform and cloud-based solutions in over 3,000 laboratories across 34 countries. Clinisys’ mission is to enhance the effectiveness of diagnostic workflows in any laboratory or testing environment and keep citizens and communities healthier and safer.

Exhibition Partner
Wassenburg Medical

Wassenburg Medical is a world leader in delivering excellent endoscope reprocessing products and solutions. Established in 1984 by Gerrit Wassenburg, the business has developed from a family company into a global player and is an expert in all aspects related to automated endoscope reprocessing. Wassenburg Medical has been a member of the HOYA corporation since 2013.

Wassenburg solutions are designed to deliver a safe and controlled treatment of flexible endoscopes. Our end-to-end total solution includes pre-cleaning, washing and disinfection, drying and storage, transport and traceability.

Since its establishment, Wassenburg has grown exponentially. With headquarters in The Netherlands, sales offices in The UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany and an exclusive distributors network in Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Africa, Wassenburg Medical is expanding its global footprint rapidly.

Innovia Medical

Innovia Medical is a trusted source of single-use surgical essentials and sterile processing medical devices to over 70 different nations worldwide. Our world-leading brands comprising over 550 unique medical products are trusted by healthcare professionals every day, helping elevate the delivery of patient care and improve clinical outcomes.


Corza Medical

Corza Medical is a new and growing medical device and biosurgery company of established brands that have a history of delivering innovative products to the global surgical community. As a market leading provider of single use and reusable ophthalmic devices, Corza Medical are positioned to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our portfolio of products includes established brands such as Katena, Sharpoint, Blink, Barron and EagleVision.

BK Medical

Our mission at BK Medical is to provide surgeons with the real-time information they need to make critical decisions, save time on procedures, and get results. With 40 years of imaging expertise, we offer intraoperative imaging solutions to support surgeons in defining their treatment plan based on real-time guidance. We offer products that are sterilizable and easy to disinfect, and continuously evaluate and validate different reprocessing methods, so that we can always offer the best reprocessing guidance to our customers.

Nopa Instruments

We are a manufacturer and supplier of surgical, endoscopic, dental and opthalmology instruments, equipment and sterilisation containers with headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany. For over 40 years our brand name is well established on the medical technology market. Supplying clients from over 120 countries worldwide we enjoy a good reputation for our quality and price-performance ratio.

AG Health

AGHealth is a small, UK-based company, specialising in leading obstetric, gynaecology and neonatal products. We are committed to improving the secondary care experience for both clinicians and patients, and we pride ourselves on our clinical knowledge combined with excellent customer service, offering clinical support and advice to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

BD Biosciences

BD is one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world and is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. BD helps customers enhance outcomes, lower costs, increase efficiencies, improve safety and expand access to health care. bd.com

Hamamatsu Photonics

Hamamatsu Photonics is a world-leading manufacturer of optoelectronic components and systems. The Company’s corporate philosophy stresses the advancement of photonics through extensive research and yields products that are regarded as state-of-the-art. Hamamatsu has a decade of real-world experience in delivering sophisticated whole-slide imaging (WSI) solutions across the globe. Our NanoZoomer whole slide scanner series quickly transforms entire histology and cytology glass slides into diagnostic-quality digital images for duplication, annotation, storage, retrieval, and image sharing.

Process Record Slides

Process Record Slide Limited, a Hong Kong-based startup, specializes in the creation of an economically feasible on-slide process control and calibrator (PRS) tailored for each IHC staining. PRS is to replace on-slide tissue control, serving as a genuine evidence-based quality indicator. Additionally, it facilitates the establishment of a baseline ruler in digital images, enabling quantitative analysis in the field.