7th Annual MarketsandMarkets

Real-World Evidence and Life Sciences Analytics Conference

17th - 18th October 2024

Boston, USA

Evidence Unveiled: Pioneering the Paths in Medical Devices and Life Sciences in Real-Time Realities

MarketsandMarkets is proud to announce the 7th Annual Real-World Evidence and Life Sciences Conference to be held on October 17th - 18th, 2024 in Boston, USA

Real-world data and real-world evidence are poised to keep making strides in 2024.
The emergence of this pandemic has posed severe financial constraints on pharma-biopharma companies in several countries. In this regard, RWE solutions have proven to be extremely useful, as they allow industrial and academic researchers to monitor patients using digitally connected platforms while assisting to organize and evaluate clinical data for regulatory submissions.


Shifts in healthcare coverage and provision during the pandemic have changed the discovery and reporting of certain outcomes in data and the treated population. This means that disease trends may lead to incorrect interpretations when RWD and RWE are not framed in the context of the pandemic and long-term COVID-19 disease, therapy, and lifestyle changes. Telemedicine and virtual care may also provoke a greater adoption of technologies such as wearables and digital therapeutics, thus accelerating digitalization in the healthcare space and boosting the importance of RWE and AI.

Additionally with the new guidance by the FDA around data quality and data standards, the stakeholders are seeking to learn its long term impact and safety surveillance. This conference will focus on above said significant points and hold discussions on the best practices adopted by various stakeholders with a key takeaway being better decision making.




Boston, USA