18th - 19th November 2021

6th Annual MarketsandMarkets High Potent Medicines Virtual Conference (TIME ZONE- CET)

One of the major challenges faced by the players in this market, especially CMOs that offer HPAPI manufacturing services, is the continual evolution of industry standards, technologies, and regulations. 

Owing to their target release characteristics, HPAPIs find major applications in target therapies for cancer. Globally, there is a significant growth in the incidence of cancer. Diseases like musculoskeletal diseases, glaucoma, and specifically cancer have a significant impact on the health status of people worldwide, with comparatively higher growth rates in developing countries.


The 2-day event will share the latest industry trends, advancements and future growth in the highly potent medicines market where leading industry experts will discuss the strategies for both pharma and CMO’s by presenting expert keynote presentations, live case studies and breakthrough panel sessions.


Discussing strategies for effective management of high potent medicines supply chain, sessions on how to do a competent toxicological evaluation of HPAPI and Overview of the new ASTM E3106 Cleaning Standard


Expert keynote presentations, live case studies, and breakthrough panel sessions on Solutions to the challenges with regards to cleaning and validation in API Manufacturing and procedures to avoid cross-contamination.

The 6th Annual MarketsandMarkets High Potent Medicines Virtual Conference to be held on 11-12 November 2021. This conference would address the challenges in continual evolution of industry standards, technologies, and regulations. Leading experts from the industry will discuss the strategies for both in-house manufacturing and outsourcing by presenting expert keynote presentations, live case studies and breakthrough panel discussions.


Key Highlights

  • Process Development and scale up of HPAPI’s
  • Strategies for effective outsourcing partnership
  • Containment and Handling Strategies
  • Validation of cleaning procedures to avoid cross contamination
  • Regulatory Landscape
  • Hazard Assessment Classifications

Who Should Attend?

From pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical manufacturing:

Chief executives, VP’s, Directors, Heads, Leaders, Senior Managers, Principal Scientists, Principal Toxicologists, Toxicologists, Fellows, Investigators working in:

  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing/Operations/Production
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Risk Assessments
  • Laboratory Services/Analytical
  • New Technologies
  • Process Development/Technical transfer

Why Attend?

  • Utilizing the best practices to ensure safe and efficient production of high potent medicines
  • Training sessions on complex high potent compounds handling and containment issues
  • Understanding the updated regulatory guidelines in the HPAPI process
  • Implementing response plans to react to an unplanned event
  • Knowing the outsourcing strategies to effectively build a reliable supply chain

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Sponsor/Exhibit Delegate
Fabio Zenobi
Fabio Zenobi
EHS Director, BSP Pharmaceuticals, Italy
Stefano Butti
Stefano Butti
Sales Director, Food Pharma Systems, Italy
Ester Lovsin Barle
Ester Lovsin Barle
Head, Product Stewardship and Health, Takeda, Switzerland
Dean Calhoun
Dean Calhoun
President, CEO, Affygility Soultions, USA
Martin Kohan
Martin Kohan
Senior Occupational Toxicologist, AstraZeneca, UK
Ildiko Ziegler
Ildiko Ziegler
Quality Assurance Manager, Vanessa Research
Andrew Lemaire
Andrew Lemaire
Technical Director, Containment and Micronisation , Dietrich Engineering Consultants, Switzerland
Jack Brown
Jack Brown
Consultant , Scale Up Solutions, USA
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