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Lonza Bioscience Solutions provides life science researchers with the tools they need to develop and test therapeutics, from basic research to final product release. Lonza’s bioscience products and services range from cell culture and discovery technologies for research, to quality control tests and software for biomanufacturing. Bioscience Solutions serves research customers worldwide in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic and government research institutions. Primary brands include Clonetics™ Primary Cells, BioWhittaker™ Media, RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System, Nucleofector™ Transfection Technology, MycoAlert™ Mycoplasma Detection Assay, PyroGENE™ rFC Endotoxin Detection Assay, PyroTec™ PRO Robotic Solution and WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Testing Analysis Software, MODA™ Environmental Monitoring Solutions.

PBL Assay Science

A trusted source of high quality ELISAs, interferons, cytokines, and monoclonal antibodies, PBL Assay Science also specializes in exceptional services such as ultra-sensitive protein biomarker detection, multiplex biomarker assays and screening, and an extensive range of cell-based assays. Whether characterizing your compounds in activity assays, serving as a CRO for confirmatory assays or novel assay development, or expressing, purifying, and characterizing a novel protein or antibody, PBL is here to serve your needs.

Mitra Biotech

Mitra Biotech s a global leader in advancing truly personalized oncology treatment. The company’s CANscript™ platform recreates a patient’s own tumor microenvironment in vitro, measures multiple parameters to determine whether a tumor is responding to customer selected treatments, and
then converts these parameters into a single score that predicts clinical response to each of the
customer selected therapies.CANscript delivers powerful, individualized treatment response predictions — with exceptionally high correlation to clinical outcomes — to inform patient-specific cancer treatment selection and support more effective and efficient cancer drug development

Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Advanced Cell Diagnostics – a Bio-Techne Brand, is a world leader in RNA biomarker analysis for precision medicine, providing the most advanced RNA analysis solutions for cell and tissue based
research, drug discovery/development and diagnostics in molecular pathology. Its proprietary award-winning RNAscope® technology is capable of detecting and quantifying RNA biomarkers with single-molecule sensitivity and single-cell resolution. This technology has been cited in over 1000 peer-reviewed publications by a rapidly growing user base.

Sponsors & Exhibitors
Caris Life Sciences

Caris Life Sciences®is a leading innovator in molecular science focused on fulfilling the promise of precision medicine through quality and innovation. Caris Molecular Intelligence®, the company’s
Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Plus molecular testing service, assesses DNA, RNA and proteins to
reveal a molecular blueprint to guide personalized treatment decisions. ADAPT Biotargeting System™,
the company’s revolutionary and unbiased profiling platform, is being utilized for drug target identification,
therapeutic discovery, companion diagnostics, cancer screening and biomarker identification.


InSphero provides comprehensive drug discovery solutions that combine scalable 3D technology, ISO-quality-controlled human 3D tissue models and 3D optimized media and assays, and a versatile organ-on-a-chip system. InSphero research partners in pharma and biotech gain access to the company’s collective experience in developing and applying 3D models for liver toxicology, metabolic diseases (e.g., T1 and T2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases), and oncology, with a focus on PDX-derived primary tumor models


Cytek provides flow cytometry tools scientists require at prices they can afford including innovative technologies for high dimensional applications. Our newest flow cytometer, the CytekTM Aurora, is an affordable system uniquely suited for immuno-oncology applications from low to high complexity (>20 colors). The unique technology onboard also enables flexibility in reagent choice, panel
design, and applications, all with an intuitive workflow. Come see the Cytek Aurora at our booth
and learn more.


NEBION provides scientists and biomedical researchers with GENEVESTIGATOR®, the premier application for the meta-analysis of public and private gene expression data. Users particularly appreciate the high quality of curated data in combination with the intuitive data mining tools, which they use for the identification and characterization of novel biomarkers and drug targets, prediction of side effects and drug repurposing. Besides the constant expansion and development of GENEVESTIGATOR®, NEBION offers transcriptomics data curation and analysis services.

MBL International Corporation

MBL International Corporation (MBLI) is a leading life science company focused on providing high quality, innovative, solutions-based products for both life science research and clinical diagnostics. MBLI has a focus on immuno-oncology, which includes providing reagents for assessing proliferation, for apoptosis at various stages, for the measurement of cytokines and interleukins, biomarkers of immune activation and immune suppression. MBLI offers kits, antibodies, MHC tetramers, monomers, functionalized beads to meet the needs of researchers and scientists in this field. MBLI also develops, manufactures, and markets a broad portfolio of monoclonal and polyclonal fluorescent and recombinant proteins and ELISA kits

ACEA Biosciences

ACEA Biosciences, The Cell Analysis Company, is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of high performance, cutting edge cell analysis platforms for life science research. Advancing cancer immunotherapy research from the bench to the clinic requires reliable tools to translate in vitro results for use in vivo. The xCELLigence® Real Time Cell Analysis instruments and NovoCyte® benchtop flow cytometer are furthering the development of cancer immunotherapeutics by providing a more complete and nuanced view of cancer cell behavior. Founded in San Diego, CA, in 2002, more than 2300 instruments have been placed globally, and over 1300 peer-reviewed publications have cited ACEA Biosciences technologies.

MedGenome Inc

MedGenome Inc. is a global leader in genomics research and a superior partner to pharma/biotech companies and academic research institutions specializing in their immuno-oncology, diabetes, ocular diseases and general NGS services.