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Microbiology International

Microbiology International specializes in laboratory automation by providing advanced instruments and custom media solutions to the modern laboratory. Our advanced Whitley Workstations provide a strict anaerobic or precisely controlled atmosphere for gut microbiota applications. Whatever your application, we can tailor the Whitley Workstation to your requirements. The WASP Touch spiral plater eliminates the need for serial dilutions, and paired with the ProtoCOL colony counter, automates inoculation and enumeration. Stop by our booth for a demonstration.

Norgen Biotek Corp

Established in 1998 by Dr. Yousef Haj-Ahmad, Norgen Biotek is a biotechnology leader, housed in a 24,000 sq ft facility in Thorold, Ontario. With ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 15189 certifications, we excel in innovative sample collection, preparation, and detection products. Our commitment to continuous improvement extends to fostering partnerships and supporting scientific advancement globally. Beyond products, we champion education, contributing to the betterment of our community


With a reputation for innovation, COPAN is the leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems in the world. COPAN’s collaborative approach to innovation in pre-analytics has resulted in the original FLOQSwabs™, eNAT™, FecalSwab™, ESwab™, UTM™ and a full line of laboratory automation. COPAN’s collection and systems have been proven to advance the quality of traditional and contemporary microbiology assays. COPAN eNAT™ and its new revolutionary smart delivery system for the preservation of media will transform sample collection for Microbiome applications.

BioForm Solutions

Bioform solutions has developed a robust assay to monitor the cell health of probiotics, regardless of strains or the matrix.  Flow cytometry is a single cell analysis tool.  It can enumerate bacteria or yeast, alone or in a mix.   It is the only way to enumerate heat killed cells (postbiotics) since they won’t grow.  CFUs have been used in the industry for decades due to no extra equipment or knowledge needed, but the data has a 30-50% variability which leads to large questions about its accuracy.  It also can only see cells that can grow in a particular media, so mixed strain probiotics can be very problematic.  When the cells become stressed out due to processing and packaging, they can become viable but not culturable (VBNC), which means they won’t grow in a CFU assay.  Flow cytometry gets around these issues by viewing all of the cells in a product, quickly and accurately with a CV <5%.  Flow cytometry takes ~15 minutes whereas the CFU assay takes 3 days.  This allows quick decisions to be made as a product is being formulated as well as determining the stability of the products. 


A genetic research lab whose interest is to understand the clinical implications of the microbiome. Our broad array of specialties allows us to look beyond fecal transplant to examine other fields of medicine in which dysbiosis could be the culprit of disease. In collaboration with leading physicians in multiple specialties, spearheads the movement of validating, verifying, and clinically applying its sequencing data, to better understand the microbiome.


Driven by innovation. United in the pursuit of wellness. MeriCal is a leader in the probiotic space with over 40 years of formulation experience with both lactic acid and spore forming bacteria.  Their state-of-the-art, dedicated Probiotic Suite allows manufacturing and packaging probiotics in exceptional temperature and humidity-controlled conditions.  MeriCal is committed to provide consumer guidance and recently launched the first ever USP Verified Probiotic Supplement. MeriCal is a premier source for innovative, custom contract manufacturing and packaging.


Every day, QIAGEN serves 500,000 customers globally, all seeking insights from DNA and RNA. Delivering Sample to Insight solutions for molecular testing, we help scientists and clinicians achieve breakthroughs in life sciences research, molecular diagnostics and drug development. This is how we make improvements in life possible. In healthcare and academic institutions, and drug-discovery and forensic laboratories, QIAGEN solutions advance disease detection and treatments, enable precision medicine, and aid crime detection and human identification.

Luina Bio

Luina Bio is Australia’s most experienced biopharmaceutical CDMO. We perform process development and GMP manufacture of: Recombinant proteins, Bacterial Vaccines, Live Biotherapeutics and Plasmid DNA. Luina Bio carries out microbial aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, technical transfer, cell banking, process development and validation, analytical development, GMP production and stability studies. We offer 20 years’ expertise in bacterial/yeast production of GMP material for Pre-clinical, Clinical Phases 1, 2 & 3, Flexible and are highly cost competitive.

Nimble Science

Nimble Science is a medical technology company focused on the development of Small Intestine MicroBiome Aspiration (SIMBA) capsule, an ingestible capsule that passively collects microbiome sample from small intestine, an organ that plays a crucial role in digestion and immunity but is difficult to access using conventional methods. SIMBA capsule aims to provide a non-invasive, convenient, and cost-effective means of broadly assessing gut microbiome to build proof of the effects of nutritional and probiotic interventions.

BRI Biopharmaceutical Research Inc.

BRI Biopharmaceutical Research (BRI), a Frontage Laboratories Company, has over two decades of experience in metabolism studies with an extensive array of LC/MS/MS assays and multiplex ELISA methods in support of IND-enabling studies and clinical development of human gut microbiome-based therapeutics.  Please feel free to inquire your specific interest, for example, metabolic stability of a test compound in pooled healthy and patient human stool homogenate, or, in vivo animal models of gut microbiome studies at BRI.

The BioCollective

The BioCollective has built the most comprehensive platform to develop innovative microbiome therapeutics: to Collect better samples, Connect high quality data, and Correct our most urgent health conditions. Our revolutionary discovery platform is a culmination of years of microbiome research expertise. The BioCollective’s Innovation platform includes expertise in fecal sample collection, and processing for clinical trial support, our proprietary TruMatrix™ whole stool microbiome reference standards, and personalized probiotics developed using our microbiome-based rational product design


Microba is a precision microbiome analysis service company leveraging superior sampling method, high-throughput sequencing, best-in-class profiler, and the most comprehensive genome reference database of cultured and uncultured bacteria. Combined with advanced analytics, AI expertise and biological knowledge, Microba offers end-to-end research support with robust microbiome analysis and data interpretation, enabling product discoveries and exploratory microbiome monitoring. Using its platform, Microba’s ongoing population study also provides the largest catalogue of metagenomes and associated lifestyle metadata for data mining and discovery.

Loop Genomics

“NGS technology has revolutionized our ability to read the genetic code, bringing about tremendous progress in our understanding of how biology is encoded in DNA. However, while the throughput of NGS has improved by orders of magnitude compared to Sanger sequencing, NGS is limited to reading DNA in short segments of 150-300 nucleotides at a time. Biology, unfortunately, is not encoded short segments but in much longer segments of DNA and RNA spanning many thousands of nucleotides.

Loop Genomics has developed a synthetic long read sequencing technology that leverages existing Illumina short read sequencers coupled with LoopSeq™ barcoding technology to enable single-molecule, long-read sequencing on any Illumina infrastructure."


TargEDys® is a French biotech start-up at the clinical and commercial stage, focusing on appetite regulation and weight management by the microbiome and gut-brain axis. The company has completed the development and launch of its first product based on the Hafnia alvei HA4597™, probiotic strain with clinically proven efficacy on weight and appetite regulation. The company is developing a portfolio of products that address the issues of overweight as well as malnutrition and cachexia

Clarity Genomics

Clarity Genomics provides consulting services to elucidate mechanisms of action for host-microbiome interactions in clinical research, specializing in longitudinal microbiome-metabolome interactions using a combination of DNA sequencing and metabolomics data. We support translational and clinical development programs leveraging the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of the host microbiome. Our platform leverages secure cloud computing, including security and privacy compliance in accordance with HIPPA, and reproducibility and documentation for CLIA compliance, for high-throughput data analysis.