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FPS Food and Pharma Systems is an Italian company specialized in design and manufacture of fine grinding and micronization and containment solutions (both for toxic and sterile products). Flexibility and attention to customer needs drive all stages of the process and ensures high standards of quality and safety for the operator, the product and the environment.

Lugaia AG Containment Solutions

Swiss precision and cutting-edge technology since 2006

Lugaia's strengths lie in providing market-ready, single-use film products and solutions for customers who rely on hygiene process technology. Our film systems are manufactured in clean rooms and after use can be safely discarded. This greatly reduces your need for expensive and time-consuming cleaning processes as well as associated qualification procedures that can be costly. Lugaia offers superior standardized products across a wide variety of quality classes. They are well established, with the infrastructure and expertise required to develop custom hygiene process solutions of the highest quality.

CTS Europe Ltd Design

CTS Europe Ltd Design and Manufacture Bench mounted Containment systems for Pharmaceutical laboratories we specialise in the containment of powder handling operations associated with Lab Scale handling activities.

HET Filter

In the modern pharmaceutical industry, the use of reliable and highly efficient filtration systems is essential.

At HET Filter, our mission is to provide our customers with the most innovative and sustainable filtration systems for economical and safe dust collection.

We understand our customers’ requirements and use our knowledge and experience to work with them to develop new, innovative technologies and solutions for the safe and competent handling of highly active substances.

In this way, we help to protect employees and the environment and to manufacture safe products and medicines.

CSV Containment

CSV Containment is the branch of CSV Life Science Group with strong experience in the design, construction and integration of containment systems for high-potent APIs.

CSV Containment is able to meet the most demanding requirements thanks to its in-depth knowledge of containment processes. The company can offer both rigid and flexible containment solutions, continuous liners and other containment-related devices. CSV Containment has also designed and manufactured a Double Iris Interface (DIT®) system, an innovative device for drum handling, containment and automation.

Speaking Partner
BSP Pharmaceuticals

BSP is focused on the development and manufacturing of anticancer drugs with high potency with cytotoxic and immunological characteristics for the pharmaceutical industr With its state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled personnel, BSP sets out to be a valuable point of reference to serve the principal actors of the pharmaceutical field involved in research on new generation anticancer therapies. BSP has been at the forefront in the fight against cancer since 2006. Innovation is the hallmark of BSP with investments in new technologies and production methods in a high containment plant. 
The BSP industrial building covers an area of 53,000 m2 in a campus of approximately 23 hectares, 60 km to the south of Rome, ranking it in the world today as one of the most important Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMOs) for anticancer drugs. www.bsppharmaceuticals.com

Process Service Srl

Process Service Srl is an Italian engineering company specialized in design for pharmaceutical productions. Established in 1986 as a process consulting group, constantly developed providing complete engineering services to customers. We daily design complex units from reactions synthesis to fermentation, from purification sections to HPAPI facilities, utilities and clean utilities systems. We offer more than 30 years of expertise in feasibility studies, conceptual, basic and detailed design for chemical and pharmaceutical facilities.

Merck Life Science KGaA

Merck is the leading Life Science company, providing solutions to help advance the promise of life saving therapies. Our integrated Millipore® CTDMO Services combine our expertise in contract development, manufacturing, and testing of small molecule high-potent APIs from pre-clinical to commercial to accelerate your milestones and breakthroughs – with one experienced partner.

Exhibition Partner
International Business Development

I.B.D. International Business Development was born in 1997 with the aim of researching and selecting products and systems with a high technological content to introduce them into the Italian market of Automation and Robotics, Automotive, Pharmaceutical,  Metal Industry and General Industry.

Click her to know more: https://ibdweb.it/aziende/crl-handling-solutions/

Almac Pharma Services

Operating from state-of-the-art facilities in the US, Europe, and the UK, Almac Pharma Services is a FDA, HPRA, and MHRA approved CDMO. With over 50 years experience and a wealth of technical expertise. Working in partnership with our clients offering unique, tailormade solutions to support pharmaceutical development, manufacture, packaging, distribution, and product launch of new treatment options.

Angelini Pharma

Angelini Pharma: the completed HPAPI capacity expansion includes the addition of two new cGMP kilo-lab suites fully dedicated to small- and medium-scale cGMP development and manufacturing of custom HPAPIs (OEB5 up to 3Kg and OEB6 up to 0.3Kg). Another industrial-scale HPAPI suite has already been operational for some years with industrial-scale production (OEB4-5 up to 75 kg).

With three different suites, we can satisfy all requests with a wide range of services in custom synthesis.


Servier is a pharmaceutical company bringing 60 years of expertise to its embedded contract manufacturing business.

Servier Contract Manufacturing Partner offers a groundbreaking OEB5 suite, InnoONE ™ , in Ireland for High potent OSD forms drug product manufacturing, analysis and packaging services for worldwide distribution.

With over 5 years of experience, our integrated solution ensures high-containment manufacturing (OEB5) with:

  • Flexible batch sizes
  • Automatic process and cleaning systems to improve lead time and quality

Aenova Group

The Aenova Group is a leading global contract manufacturer and development service provider for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. As a full-service provider, Aenova develops, produces and packages all common dosage forms, product groups and active ingredient classes of pharmaceuticals and food supplements for human and animal health: solid, semi-solid and liquid, sterile and non-sterile, high and low dose, OEB 1-5, fill&finish of biologics/vaccines. Around 4,200 employees at 16 locations worldwide contribute to Aenova's success.

ILC Dover

ILC Dover is a world-leader in the innovative design and production of engineered flexible protective solutions. We serve the pharmaceutical industry with single-use flexible powder & liquid solutions that facilitate safe and reliable performance and productivity in the lab. CMOs and CDMOs choose our solutions for powder/liquid transfers and containment over rigid stainless-steel systems, for the significant advantages they bring to chemical synthesis of HPAPI and OSD or upstream-downstream.