Sponsor List

Co-Diagnostics Inc.

Co-Diagnostics, Inc. Company Description: Founded in 2013 on the principle of making affordable PCR tests available worldwide, Co-Dx™ is a molecular diagnostics provider with unique, patented technology which enables the design of high performing, cost-effective PCR for infectious diseases, at-home/point-of-care, SNP detection, vector surveillance, liquid biopsy and more. Visit us at the 5th Annual Infectious Diseases and Molecular Diagnostic Conference to see how were making our revolutionary Co-Primer™ technology available around the world. 

Source LDPath

Source LDPath, a part of Source BioScience, helps pathology labs go digital with its ground-breaking modular digital pathology and AI pathway which helps transform diagnostic processes by drastically decreasing turnaround times from sample receipt to result, to help patients access appropriate treatment as quickly as possible. We are your guiding hand in digital pathology and AI integration.


LumiraDx is transforming healthcare with fast, accurate and comprehensive diagnostics at the point of need. With the LumiraDx Platform, and Fast Lab Solutions unit, LumiraDx supports diagnostic needs across settings; from the lab, to hospitals, the physician’s office, the workplace, and schools. Founded in 2014, LumiraDx is based in the UK with R&D and manufacturing sites across the US and Europe.


AusDiagnostics is a manufacturer and supplier of highly multiplexed, automated molecular assays for the detection of pathogens and antibiotic resistance markers (respiratory including  Sars-Cov 2,  enteric, STIs,  HPV etc) from a wide range of clinical samples.

Key advantages of our approach are low cost, ease of use and a unique MT-PCR process that preserves the quantitative relationship between pathogens in the original sample. Our system  is coupled with easy to use software and we can supply equipment and IVD kits for laboratories of all sizes.



Randox Laboratories has established itself as a leading diagnostics developer for laboratories of all sizes. Our Qnostics' molecular IQC portfolio caters to the diverse needs of molecular diagnostics and Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) laboratories. With a wide range of viral, bacterial, and fungal targets, it ensures precise and reliable testing, boosting lab performance and result confidence.

Randox Qnostics' molecular IQC portfolio guarantees accurate outcomes, empowering labs worldwide.

For more information, visit www.randox.com or contact [email protected].

Speaking Partner

Digital Pathology 2.0 - the new standard in whole slide imaging. Pramana is revolutionizing digital pathology through the use of a software-first approach to whole slide imaging (WSI), leveraging our own slide scanning platform, AI & edge computing and autonomous, dynamic, pixel level z-stacking for unparalleled image quality and data. Pramana’s software-driven approach to creating whole slide images enables us to create the best possible image at the time of capture and eliminates post-processing QA/QC.

Exhibition Partner
Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Pro-Lab Diagnostics are pleased to support the 5th Annual Infectious Diseases and Molecular Diagnostics Congress. We will have details of our extensive range of Viasure Molecular products and associated automation, and of course our range of rapid diagnostic kits and reagents for Microbiology.  We look forward to seeing you there.

MiCo BioMed

Mico Bio Med established since 2000, have been committed to improving and saving lives by offering innovative, market world leading IVD technologies. We have been overcoming countless limitations of traditional IVD devices by developing a ground breaking “Lab-on-a-Chip” (Lab Chip) based technology which enable us to deliver POCT (Point-of-care Testing) quickly and accurately.

MiCo BioMed has been leading the global POCT (Point-of-care Testing) market by integrating molecular, biochemical, and immunological diagnostic technologies over the last few decades.

By expanding applicability and interoperability of different diagnostic technologies, MiCo BioMed strives to lead the global IVD Market. Our in-house research institute has highly competent and dedicated research scientists with deep expertise, taking innovative future approaches into vitro diagnostics.

Our Immunodiagnostic Kits(β-hCG, Cardiac Marker, Yellow Fever, COVID-19, Hepatitis, Monkey Box), Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit, ELISA Kit, Clinical, Food, Animal Diagnostics, Device manufacture, well over 300 Assays Reagents developed by our team to date and a wide variety of current and new kits for use in and out of Laboratory settings.

Altona Diagnostics

altona Diagnostics supply high quality molecular test systems for the detection and quantification of infectious disease pathogens.  The AltoStar® product range enables an advanced ‘sample to result’ CE IVDR workflow for RT-PCR testing.  AltoStar® assays include HIV, HCV, HBV, HEV, CMV, EBV, Adenovirus, BKV, JCV, HSV, VZV, Parvovirus, HHV6, a-Herpes, Influenza, SARS Cov-2.  Furthermore, the new complementary FlexStar® range brings a novel approach to syndromic testing allowing the customer to define their own multiplex testing panel. 


Sysmex America is lighting the way to better health with diagnostic solutions that transform the future of healthcare and contribute to healthier lives. Its innovative hematology, urinalysis and flow cytometry testing technology is reshaping the world of diagnostics across the U.S., Canada and Latin America. As a trusted global leader, Sysmex offers diagnostics that equip patients and the health care professionals who treat them with the information needed to make decisions with confidence.


Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications, and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent is providing the entire workflow of target enrichment for different NGS applications such as cancer, infectious and rare diseases. including sample quality control (QC), next-generation sequencing (NGS) library prep and target enrichment, microarrays, CRISPR, PCR/qPCR, bioreagents, and data analysis solutions from interpretation reporting. Furthermore, with the extensive cancer diagnostic and pathology know-how of Agilent Dako, built on more than 50 years of experience, our business of antibodies & assay solutions has established lasting partnerships worldwide with partnering companies, ranging from large multinationals to smaller manufacturers and commercial laboratories specializing in the fields of in vitro diagnostics, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.  Besides the development of companion diagnostic for novel personalized therapy in cancer treatment, collaboration partners also benefit from the high level of familiarity of the Agilent Pathology-portfolio in routine diagnostic.