Sponsor List


Predicine is a molecular insights company committed to advancing biomarker-driven precision medicine. It has developed a breakthrough cell-free DNA and cell-free RNA based liquid biopsy technology for non-invasive cancer profiling, disease monitoring, assessing MRD, and early cancer detection. Predicine partners with leading biopharma companies and hospitals to support global clinical trials and personalized cancer care.

Proteome Sciences

We are a CRO specialising in the analysis of proteins and their associated PTM’s via advanced Mass Spectrometry.  By using proprietary methodologies, we can detect up to 8,000 proteins per sample in Discovery mode and can offer multiplexed assays of up to 100 proteins/sample in a GCLP accredited Targeted assay.

With their proprietary bioinformatics software, these can be trimmed down to some tens of proteins that are either up-, or down-regulated with disease progression or drug treatment.

Precision Antibody

Precision Antibody prides itself in developing application-specific antibodies with high specificity and sensitivity. In the field of biomarkers, the specificity and sensitivity of reagents are key performance characteristics for a successful assay development necessary for clinical application. With over 20 years of experience and expertise, Precision Antibody (PA) understands these challenges, offering a “one-stop shop” for many clients needing comprehensive application-specific antibody development services, from initial antigen design and immunization to antibody development, characterization, sequencing, and purification. Thanks to our ability to deliver antibodies that work in the intended assay in 60 days, PA has become a preferred vendor for many major pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies, including many academic and government institutions, to fulfill their therapeutic and diagnostic needs.


With over 15 years of experience in genetic and epigenetic clinical research, EpigenDx offers high quality products and laboratory services focused on DNA methylation analysis, gene expression profiling, and mutation analysis.  Our scientific teams carefully evaluate each project and establish analysis procedures using best fit technologies, including NGS, Pyrosequencing, RT-PCR, digital PCR, and GeneChip Microarray.  Our popular services include Line-1 global methylation tests and Foxp3-TSDR analysis for epigenetic immunotherapy.  Our GLP compliant and CLIA certified services make us the perfect partner during pre-clinical research and diagnostic test development.

BD Biosciences, USA

Delivering innovative tools to basic and translational researchers. Our focus is directed towards advancing cellular analysis with flow cytometry cell analysers and sorters, fluorescently conjugated monoclonal antibodies as well as systems for single cell multiomics analysis. Bespoke antibody formulations, applications and assay design/development/optimization support as well as specific product training deliver holistic solutions to meet diverse customer needs.


At Olink Proteomics, we revolutionize biomarker discovery with our high-multiplex Proximity Extension Assay technology. Specializing in the human plasma proteome, we provide high-throughput, sensitive, and specific analysis from minimal sample volumes. Our mission is to advance proteomics across various diseases, bridging biomarker workflows from discovery to clinical utility. Trusted in over 1,500 publications, Olink is at the forefront of uncovering vital insights into human health and disease.

Exhibition Partner

SageMedic Corp, headquartered in California, is revolutionizing cancer diagnostics with a scalable platform that transcends the limitations of genomic testing, delivering results within just one week. Our pioneering OncotestTM harnesses a machine learning enabled 3D live cell sensitivity and resistance assay, empowering oncologists to make informed treatment decisions for improved patient outcomes through functional tumor profiling.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on slow and often unreliable tumor cell proliferation, the Oncotest™ is both faster and more dependable. Our vision is to elevate personalized cancer therapy to the forefront, fostering hope and enhancing the quality of life for each patient. At SageMedic Corp, we are committed to making tailored therapy the new standard in cancer care.

Rules-Based Medicine

Rules-Based Medicine (RBM), a Q2 Solutions Company, is a CLIA certified, multiplexed immunoassay testing laboratory that solves complex drug development challenges with innovative biomarker services and a novel whole blood immunophenotyping device (TruCulture®). RBM’s internally developed and manufactured immunoassays based on Multi-Analyte Profiling (MAP) and Single-Molecule Array (SimoaTM) ultrasensitive immunoassay technology provides translational and clinical researchers with reproducible and quantitative data for a few or hundreds of human proteins.  The comprehensive menu provides extensive coverage of numerous pathways and delivers accurate pharmacodynamic and safety assessments.  RBM’s CLIA certified biomarker testing laboratory is located in Austin, TX. 

Biological Dynamics

Biological Dynamics, Inc. is a leader in exosome-isolation technology committed to improving global health outcomes by identifying early-stage diseases. Its Verita™ platform offers a simple and automated workflow to enrich exosomes, powering advanced detection tests for the most challenging diseases. Biological Dynamics’ ExoVita™ assays utilize the Verita platform to enable reliable surveillance and early cancer detection to help enhance and extend lives. The Company operates a CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified clinical laboratory in San Diego, California.